Casey Folks, director of Best in the Desert racing, announced today that American Beta has reached an agreement with Purvines Racing to race several Betas in the Best in the Desert series for the 2013 season. Purvines Racing is run by Ron Purvines, whose past successes with major motorcycle brands from both a team and participation effort has been stellar. Folks went on to say, “We are extremely proud to have Beta Motorcycles as the official motorcycle of Best In The Desert and excited to see their continued commitment to the growth of Beta in the world of desert racing.”

The agreement will help establish Beta as a major contender in desert racing, and the Hare and Hound events. Purvines Racing will field a 10-rider team aboard three different Beta RR models.

Current number 3 and 4 Pro riders in the AMA National Hare and Hound series Justin Morrow and Nick Burson will be campaigning on the Beta 498 RR while number 1 Vet racer Dan Caparelli will be on the 450 RR. Other team members include TJ Hannifin, Ryan Smith, Axel Pearson, Jeremy Purvines, Curtis Bradley, Jesse Canepa, and Todd Abrotowski.

Tim Pilg, American Beta Marketing Manager had this to say about the new association with Purvines Racing, “We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Purvines Racing for 2013. Ron Purvines has proven to us that he runs a solid team effort that we fell will work very well with our racing efforts as it will help us develop our products for the Hare and Hound and desert style of events. We will be working closely with Ron to make sure the bikes are ready for the start of the season. The team will be racing 450 and 498 RR 4-strokes as well as our new 250 RR 2-strokes. It should be a great year for both Ron’s team and Beta Motorcycles and we are looking forward to seeing our bike in the Hare and Hounds as well as Best In The Desert series.”

American Beta will be providing the team with some Factory support as well as some cross-over sponsorship through their current team supporters. Beta will also use Purvines feedback to further develop their bikes for the American market. For 2013 Beta offers a total of twenty-four models including eight off-road, three Dual Sport, three Supermoto, and ten Trials bikes.

Team owner Ron Purvines explains, “Purvines Racing is excited to be a part of the Beta family. We’re going into our third season with an amazing partnership. We’ve worked hard to build our team and reputation in the off-road racing industry and believe that Beta is equally committed as we are to the sport. After 35 years of racing and 2 years of being a team owner it is a pleasure to be associated with a company that has the same integrity and dedication to racing that I have.”

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