Editor’s Note: The BlueRibbon Coalition is pushing the fight against closure to off-highway access in Utah. Read below for more information and what you can do to get involved.

Dear BRC Members and supporters,

We just uploaded a webpage with important information and updates requested by our members and supporters concerning a request made by the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and 113 outdoor retailers asking President Obama to designate a massive 1.4 million acre National Monument in southeastern Utah. See BRC’s previous blast here. Read OIA’s request here.

The webpage is here: Important Follow-up on Massive National Monument Pushed in Utah

Many BRC members were, to be frank, heartbroken to find that many companies they used to buy from supported a massive new National Monument. BRC members are also frustrated and bewildered at the reasons these companies are giving for their support.

This follow up includes an update from Utah’s congressional delegation and a letter to the President from the national OHV community. We also have some facts and figures regarding the proposal, as well as information on how the lands are currently protected and managed.

Many BRC members are asking what they can do to stop yet another land grab in Utah. While there are numerous petitions and “click and send” letter generators out there, we strongly encourage you to consider what is the most effective use of your time – a phone call. Why a call instead of signing a petition or letter generator? In today’s world of online digital communication, your voice can often get lost or diluted. Phone calls are the exception. A call to your elected representatives is the #1 most effective way to keep these lands open for OHV use. (Click here and enter your zip code for the phone numbers.)

As always, please feel free to call or email with questions and comments.

Brian Hawthorne                                        Ric Foster
Public Lands Policy Director                   Public Lands Dept. Manager
208-237-1008 ext 102                              208-237-1008 ext 107

PS: We know many BRC members are in contact with individual businesses who supported the OIA proposal. We also know they would rather not take their business elsewhere. Several of the businesses are now backing away from their support of the monument because they found out they were misled by the proponents who came to them asking them to sign on.  The information below will be invaluable as you attempt to talk sense into these retailers. However, it is important you support businesses that support continued access and recreation on public lands.

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