After 13 hours of racing, Miglini crossed the finish line in La Paz sixth in class (unofficially as SCORE reviews the data). He and co-driver Travis DuTemple experienced no flats or major accidents, but they did have brake issues that plagued them until they fixed it. Other than that, they were able to bring the racecar across the finish line in pretty good condition.

“We hit the wall for a while,” Miglini said at the finish. “It was about four hours in I got super tired. Then we had brake issues and we stopped and capped off one of our right rear calipers and we decided to run with just the front and one rear.

“We were first for a long, long time,” Miglini said, noting Armin Kremer did a great job in his opening section of the race. The other driver, Andi Mancin, was in his race and needed to keep his head about him.  “Andi, it was his first off-road desert race, so his whole job was just to be cool and take it easy, and he did everything he was supposed to – he brought it in in once piece and in great shape. I think we were seven or eight spots back [at San Ignacio].

“We were on fire for a couple of hours and it was really killer and then we had brake issues two times, and then we had to pull over and make some repairs … from then on it was fun. Then when the sun came up it was game on, it was super super fun.”

The #15 Trophy Truck is still en route to La Paz and should arrive in the next few hours. Barring any other major setbacks, both vehicles should make it to the finish, and in this race, that’s a huge feat in and of itself.

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