When we last updated, the All German Motorsports team was hundreds of miles into the race. The #105 Class 1 was running in the top five in class, and the Trophy Truck had worked its way near the top 10 in class. Everything was going well leading to the driver’s change at San Ignacio at race mile 615 (of 1121). That’s when Baja struck.

In Trophy Truck, Armin Schwarz had moved into the 11th spot (physically, without corrected time being calculated) after starting 31st and having at least one flat tire after hitting a large rock very near the start of the race. At about race mile 580, roughly 35 miles from the driver’s change where Martin Christensen would jump in, the truck began to lose oil pressure.

Schwartz stopped the vehicle and he and co-driver Bryan Little got out to inspect the problem. Apparently the gasket on the torque converter was blown (something that surprised the crew in San Ignacio), which meant the transmission would need to be removed to replace it. A chase truck ventured south to being repairs and inspect whether or not a new tranny would need to be swapped. This put the team down a number of hours  and definitely out of contention, but they went to work to adjust it and the truck is making its way to the finish line now.

The Class 1 racecar had a little more success. After Armin Kremer put the vehicle out front at one point, he handed it over to first-time racer Andi Mancin in San Felipe, and Mancin kept the vehicle in the top 10 when he handed it over to Tony Miglini at the final driver change for the team in San Ignacio. Only a light needed adjusting, and the team swapped out fresh tires, top off the fuel and Miglini went off on his longest race section to date – over 500 miles straight.

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