After roughly eight hours of racing, the lead Trophy Trucks are at about race mile 500. BJ Baldwin is currently in the lead, with Bryce Menzies, Gustavo Vildosola, Rob MacCachren and Dan McMillin trailing him, respectively.

The AGM Trophy Truck team is about 40 miles off the pace as physically the 11th Trophy Truck – a pretty good start considering we were told they had two flats at the start of the race and came off the line 31st.  We’re waiting at San Ignacio at race mile 615, as Martin Christensen will take over for Armin Schwarz in the #15 TT and race the final 500-or-so miles to the finish.

The #105 AGM Class 1 buggy is currently fourth in class on the course. Armin Kremer rode his section and swapped with the second driver Andi Mancin, who will bring the vehicle here for Tony Miglini to take to the finish.

The pit crews have long ago left for their locations, and the team here is basically waiting for the vehicles to arrive. Most have branched off to grab naps and food, as most everyone will be up the rest of the night and into tomorrow as the teams finish the race.

It’s La Paz or bust from here. Be sure to check back for more on the Baja 1000.

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