The OMIX-ADA has made a big splash at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The company’s booth, centered in the heart of the off-road section of the show, featured the Off-Road Success Center, where third-party experts and OMIX leaders offered daily seminars providing insight as to how to succeed in the off-road market.

Aside from the Off-Road Success Center, OMIX-ADA/Rugged Ridge also displayed an impressive collection of vintage Willys Jeeps, which were provided by OMIX, Jeep Jamboree USA and others. Below is a brief rundown of the five coolest vehicles we came across at the display:

1947 Jeep CJ-2A Fire Truck
This 1947 Jeep CJ-2A Fire Truck was created after the war as a rural fire truck based on the original MB Army Jeep. It features a 20-foot-long wooden ladder on the top rack and a U-40 centrifugal pump mounted ahead of the grill to helps fire fighters combat the flames. The fire hose was stored in the rear of this beautiful Jeep CJ-2A Fire Truck, and tools necessary for the fire crew are mounted all over the vehicle (such as the axe mounted on the rear passenger side of the Jeep).

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