MESA, AZ: The Pink Vehicle Campaign, started on October 1st through October 31st, features all types of vehicles that are painted pink.  As each vehicle is featured on I’m Not Just a Girl and Bower Media, there is information posted with it from disease statistics, to economic impact, to snippets from survivor’s blogs, to features on race teams that changed their car color to pink this month and more.

“I started this campaign because I don’t have much money to give to any organization and I know many others are in a similar situation, but we all have a voice and I believe in the importance of spreading information.  Pink Vehicles sounded fun, adding information sounded right, and all we are asking is for everyone to share it, it’s simple!” said Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Media and I’m Not Just a Girl.  “The response has been amazing!  People have sent me so many pink vehicles that I had to start posting 2-3 vehicles a day!  And everyone is commenting on their favorite pink vehicle when I see them, which indirectly to me also means they have probably learned something, I know I have learned a lot!”

The impact of the campaign is hard to quantify 23 days into the month, but with 37 Pink Vehicles already posted and many more to come, they are accounting it as a success.  How do you support the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign?  It’s simple: 1. Look at the awesome cars, and Learn from the messages attached.  2. Share with your friends.  Everyday multiple vehicles are posted at the bottom of, they are also featured on I’m Not Just a Girl Facebook page ( or Bower Media Facebook page (  There is a link at the top of the Bower Media post that can be utilized for donations to the American Cancer Society if you feel obliged.

Starting November 1st, the color will change, but the theory will remain the same.  “Prostate and Testicular Cancer is not spoken about as openly in the male community, but we need to make it as mainstream as breast cancer.  We will be turning our month of November to educating on these two male dominated cancers,” said Charlene Bower.

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