“One of the biggest motivating factors in purchasing Impact was the incredible line of Made in the USA helmets” remarked Robbie Pierce, owner and CEO of Impact and MasterCraft Safety.  “As an off-road racer I encounter brutal environmental conditions that are not typical to the asphalt market and I knew from experience there was a lack of products customized for the off-road and dirt track racer.”

In development and testing since shortly after Pierce purchased Impact, the Air Draft OS20 helmet is now officially on the market and available for purchase.  “We are taking racer comfort to the next level in both the off-road and dirt track markets with the introduction of the Air Draft OS20″ remarked Robbie.  “We went through a couple of design revisions to get it dialed in, but now we have a helmet for the dirt market that I am very happy with.”

Over the last year, Pierce has been using a prototype OS20 helmet during his racing endeavors in his No. 30 Trophy Truck in the SCORE International series, the sanction best known for the legendary Baja 1000 and also in his No. 30 Pro2 truck that competited in both the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORS) and The Off-Road Racing Championship (TORC) series.  “The helmet has received an overwhelming response from friends and competitors in desert and short course and we even saw a few of them being used by the Modified and Late Model racers at Volusia in Daytona during Speed Weeks,” said Robbie.  “It’s hard to believe a helmet like this hasn’t been developed yet.  When I took over the reins at Impact it was very important that I didn’t lose focus on my roots and I wanted to quickly offer a product that catered to the off-road and dirt track market.”

Many of the traditional helmets for off-road and dirt racing have air provisions near the mouth, creating a number of compromises for applications beyond the desert environment – including microphone and radio communication interference.  Placing the air inlet off-set 20 degrees to the top-side allows roof clearance while providing dramatically increased cooling and comfort under race conditions and keeping the visor free of dust or fog.  The top-side placement of the inlet also prevents the fresh air system from blowing on the radio’s microphone and opening the communication system which can cause undesirable feedback.  Having the air inlet directly on top of the helmet often creates clearance issues in many race vehicles, thus the creation of the Air Draft OS20 with its 20-degree offset air-port.  This design change provides all of the benefits of a top air inlet with no compromises to fitment regardless of the race vehicle or discipline.

On Impact’s Air Draft OS20, clean air is circulated through four “whisper” channels creating positive air pressure inside the helmet that keeps contaminated air out.  Additional features include a nicely-finished, custom die-cut gasket around the visor port providing a tight seal between the helmet and visor and minimizing the intrusion of dust and contaminates inside the helmet.  On the traditional Air Draft helmet, the exterior lower (mouth) area has a filtration screen however on the Air Draft OS 20 this area has been completely sealed eliminating the need for silicone and truly making this helmet for dirt racers, by dirt racers!

The SNELL 2010 certified Air Draft OS20 is offered in a lightweight carbon fiber or in the Carbon-Kevlar tri-weave composite.  The tri-weave composite is available in four standard colors including silver, white, and two different blacks – flat and glossy.  Standard width removable cheek pads are included however a variety of cheek pads ranging from thin to thick and now the new “V” style cheek pads, which reduce pressure points on the ears; especially with the use of ear bud speaker systems.  With the Air Draft OS20 offered in helmet sizes from XS to XL and customizable cheek pad thicknesses and configurations, there is a fitment combination that will accommodate nearly every racer.  Impact by MasterCraft Safety’s “intelligent” Gray Matter liner (a proprietary designed liner, upholstered in fire-resistant fabric) and interchangeable cheek pads allow racers to dial in the perfect fit so they can concentrate on winning.  The Air Draft OS20 has a large eyeport for excellent visibility on the track, covered by a heavy-duty and durable 1/8-inch polycarbonate shield (very important in dirt track and off-road racing) with a three-position detent.  Like Impact by MasterCraft Safety’s full line of helmets, the Air Draft OS20 is manufactured right here in the United States.

MasterCraft Safety – 619.449.9455
Impact – 317.852.3067

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