Road Race Motorsports recently released its Stage 3 Power Pack kit for the 2012-13 Jeep Wrangler. This is the company’s complete NA engine performance upgrade for the JK. The kit starts off with the short ram intake, which replaces the stock panel filter with a heat-shielded, foam-wrapped, re-washable filter that offers 40% more airflow, and a powder-coated straight-through pipe for maximum efficiency.

The fuel system is kept in check by adding the Road Race fuel calibrator, which will not only work together with the intake to add power, but it will also increase the miles per gallon of the Wrangler.

Finally, the Stage 3 Power Pack is finished off with the Road Race axle-back exhaust system. This is a hand-fabricated and TIG-welded system made in the U.S.A., which gets a unique ceramic coating for superior heat and wear protection. The exhaust system will provide a nice, smooth tone along with added performance throughout the powerband. This exhaust is about half the weight and size of the stock muffler system, and the axle-back is neatly tucked up into the JK’s body to allow for more ground-clearance than the stock setup. The axle-back exhaust system is the highest tucked exhaust system available for the 2012 Jeep JK.

All in all, the Road Race Stage 3 Power Pack is the only complete package that addresses the key elements of safely adding power, increasing MPG, and cutting weight all in one package. The Road Race Stage 3 Power Pack includes a Road Race Intake System, Fuel Calibrator, and Axle Back Exhaust System.

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