Colorado Springs, CO 10/2/12 – Brad Lovell saves little by saying “This is the biggest moment in my career!” The statement is hard to deny as Lovell Racing won their first ever TORC PRO-Light Championship only a week after capturing the Ultra 4 Pro Championship.

Lovell entered the shocking final rounds of TORC racing in Lancaster, CA with a 5-point lead over rival Andrew Caddell. The narrow course funneled the trucks through a tight left hand turn and Caddell tangled with another truck. Lovell got through cleanly and passed Caddell who was forced to the pit with a flat. As the race resumed the action took a dramatic turn. Caddell suffered mechanical damage and was forced to DNF while Lovell soon lost his brakes. “Its pretty sketchy to race without brakes. I knew I had to salvage a finish and almost piled it into the wall a couple times. It was a very intense race! I didn’t see the wreck Caddell was in but it didn’t sound good.” Lovell managed to finish 5th and collect much needed points.

The condensed schedule forced the team to re-prep the truck in only two hours. Now armed with a 20-point lead the crew jumped into action and resolved the brake issues. At this point, Lovell only needed to finish 9th to win the championship. Content to run a conservative race and avoid getting taken out by other drivers, Lovell finished 6th to win the championship while a hard charging Caddell hit a safety truck in the dust.

While celebrating Brad added, “We did an amazing thing. A bunch of rock donkeys, a drag racer, and a stock broker won it! In all honesty, the effort to pull this off is nearly unfathomable. My family, the team, our sponsors, volunteers across the country, and everyone who helped us at the track – they are the ones who won this and should be proud! AMSOIL, Nissan, BFGoodrich Tires, Torchmate, Spidertrax, and a whole bunch of sponsors all took a huge gamble on us and we pulled it off!”

The team’s first Traxxas TORC PRO-Light Championship comes on the heels of the Lovell Brothers teaming up to win the Ultra 4 Pro Championship only a week earlier in Salt Lake City, UT in an event that combined rocks and short course action. Lovell placed 2nd in the primary race and 4th in the main. This was the same event where last year Brad was taken out in a devastating rollover that nearly totaled the truck.

Ultra 4’s were out in force for TORC in Lancaster, CA as well. While Brad was focussed on his championship hunt, Roger piloted the #232 AMSOIL/Torchmate Rock Racer to finish 4th in the first round and avoided course wide carnage to make it to the podium in the second race. Roger adds, “Its great to be out here racing with my brother and celebrating the lives of the Huseman brothers. Our team has great respect for their family. Its a great way to end the season.” Keep your eyes out for the #232 AMSOIL/Torchmate Rock Racer at the Off-Road Expo show this weekend in Pomona, CA!

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