SANFORD, FL —  Superchips is excited to announce a sweepstakes program geared towards Jeep and outdoor enthusiasts.  Geocaching has become a worldwide activity that thousands of people actively participate in daily.  To coincide with the recent release of TrailDash, Superchips has rolled out the “Ultimate Geocaching Adventure”.  Customers and enthusiasts now have the opportunity to register for their chance to win a TrailDash unit.  Registrants are also encouraged to create a Geocaching account online at to take an active role in this exciting adventure.  Winners will be selected weekly through October 8th, 2012.

Over 2,000, unique Superchips trackable tags are being mailed to Geocachers across the country.  These trackable tags each have a distinctive code that be uploaded and followed online by various participants.  The ultimate goal is to have these Jeep tags reach the best outdoor and 4×4 related caches in the country.  An event has been created on Superchips’ Facebook page for Geocachers to upload photos from their exciting journeys as they hide and seek these trackables.  Superchips supports multiple outdoor recreation parks, events, and clubs including AreaBFE, TreadLightly, Moab Easter Jeep Safari, the Bantam Jeep Festival and more.  Superchips is pleased to extend this opportunity for enthusiasts to take the path less traveled and have a good time in the process.  Winners will be announced online and many prizes including water bottles, shirts, and hats will be sent to Geocachers submitting photos and updates on Facebook.

“We have a very loyal customer base and a large number of these individuals are Jeep owners and avid outdoor fans.” said Joe Dussol, Director of Marketing for Superchips.  Dussol continued, “The Superchips Ultimate Geocaching Adventure is an exciting opportunity for us to promote our new TrailDash unit for Jeep and target those that may hike, drive through, or belong to several of the great venues, clubs, and events we sponsor. We know many Geocachers drive Jeeps, but those that do not, might find TrailDash to be a cool unit and may want to review information on some of our other product lines.  Our new iHawk is a great example of something that will be made available at the end of August, covering any vehicles 2007 and up.”

The Ultimate Geocaching Adventure includes several links to get started and involved. A full list of rules, regulations, and links to registration can be found on the Superchips homepage. The links below contain registration and sweepstakes information.

Sweepstakes Overview:

Sign up to become a Superchips Geocacher:

Register for a TrailDash:

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