With whispers and rumors growing for a few weeks now that Off-Road driver Bryce Menzies will be attending X-Games 2012 LA, we can now confirm that the 2011 SCORE Trophy Truck and TORC Pro2 Champion will be taking on a new realm of Motorsports. Bryce has been invited by fellow Red Bull Athlete, Travis Pastrana to compete in the RallyCross portion of the 2012 X-Games, which takes place in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

Bryce will find himself behind the wheel of a Dodge Dart, which is new to the RallyCross competition. The European production based all wheel drive vehicle will produce 600hp, 60lbs of boost and can go from 0-60 in just 2 seconds, similar to F1 car speeds. The Dodge Dart is one of the favored cars for this year’s competition and is expected to produce quality results.

RallyCross debuted in X-Games for the first time in 2010 and is a combination of circuit racing, off-road racing and rally competition. Rally Car racing takes place on public or private roads from point to point which is similar to racing Baja off-road races, where as RallyCross has as many as 10 drivers racing through a challenging short course which features jumps, unbanked turns and ever changing track conditions, in the same sense that off-road short course racing does. RallyCross is the off-road short course racing of the ever-growing sport of Rally in high-horsepower compact cars.

This year Bryce will be competing with some of the best names in the sport from Ken Block, Rhys Millen to a familiar name in off-road, Brian Deegan. Bryce and Brian have raced it out before on the off-road short course tracks in the Pro2 class and Bryce found himself taking the lead over Brian numerous times and made his way to the top of the podium. “Racing against Deegan in a different atmosphere will be a great learning experience. He is great at what he does and it should make for some fun and friendly competition.” Said Bryce Menzies. Bryce will be one of the youngest RallyCross competitors this year and will be going head to head against some of the pioneers of Rally.

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This year’s RallyCross will take place in Downtown LA, right outside of the iconic Staples Center and will feature a ramp-to-ramp jump, the only jump of its kind in the RallyCross competition that sends the drivers flying 70 feet through the air. “Being asked to team up with Travis for this event is an amazing opportunity. Travis is such a well-known athlete and the chance to learn from him about a different form of motorsports is an opportunity I can’t be thankful enough for.” Said Bryce Menzies. The two drivers will be testing throughout the week and taking both cars to the course this coming Sunday for X-Games 18. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get all the latest updates and photos as Bryce takes on a new sport, in one of the biggest competitions of the year.

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