Off-Road Camping Essentials - 7. Camping Stove

Lugging along your large charcoal grill just doesn’t really work for camping most of the time – they are large and tough to pack for long trips. There is, fortunately, plenty of cooking gear that is ideal for camping trips.

Although some campsites and parks allows campfires (check to see if a permit is required ahead of time) it’s best not to plan solely on this as a means of making a warm meal. A small camping stove is a great way to cook just about anything – breakfast, lunch, dinner or even heating up a can of beans.

Many camping stoves run on small 1-pound propane tanks that are compact and easy to pack. They are also readily available at gas stations and markets. Most importantly, both the propane tanks and the stoves themselves are small, compact and easy to store in your rig once the cooking is done.


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