Off-Road Camping Essentials - 6. Cell Phone/CB Radio

As is the case with a GPS and map, having multiple options to communicate is ideal. A cell phone can put you in touch with someone but only if you have service and you don’t run out of battery life.

A CB Radio is great to have in off-road vehicles for communicating with other drivers on the trail, but it also can put you in contact with other campers in the event of an emergency. It is also an easy way to communicate with others in your group even if you’re not on the trail. CB radios also typically have at least a few weather channels to provide updates on the expected weather or potentially incoming storms. They do offer a limited range, but CBs are an ideal communication tool for off-roaders.

Ham radios are yet another option (and they do offer extended range), but they do require certification and are a little more complicated for the average off-road camper. Just be sure to have multiples ways to communicate with your group and to potential contact others in the area if needed.

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