San Clemente, CA –Motive Club is giving away a brand new Toyota Tundra ProTruck and serious major brand products including sets of tires, performance exhaust systems, tools, lifestyle gear and more to it’s members.  For $9 a year, Motive Club members get discounts every week for shopping at major Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Tire Rack, 4 Wheel Hardware and more.  Best of all, members who start their online shopping on at Motive Club website are supporting servicemen and veteran’s charities.  All of Motive Club profits after taxes go to support charities that are serving our servicemen, veterans and their families.

The HEROES Tundra is a purpose-built off-road race-or-play truck that features 440 horsepower, 4130 chromoly frame, 24” travel at the rear, seating for two, matching pumper helmets and a “fun-in-the-dirt-ratio” that is hard to beat.  Motive Club has partnered with Toyota of Escondido for this promotion to benefit our troops.  The HEROES Toyota Tundra ProTruck will be on display at Toyota of Escondido for the next few months when it isn’t travelling to shows, military bases and schools.

Motive Club’s Team has had a hand in creating many successful charity vehicles over the years including Hurst vehicles for Victory Junction Camp, XPLORE Jeeps and Toyotas for the National Park Foundation and a special H.E.R.O. Jeep for a young man who just recently lost his battle to cancer.  The HEROES Tundra ProTruck is Motive Club’s newest charity vehicle and will be the centerpiece of a national media campaign to help raise awareness and support for charities serving our servicemen, veterans and their families.

“Our team has worked with the car manufacturers, media, sponsors, celebrities and non-profits to develop creative ways to support charities and worthy causes.” shares Motive Club President and founder Ron Flint.   “We are proud to be partnered with Toyota of Escondido to honor our servicemen and veterans with the HEROES Tundra”.

Motive Club Shopping is a brand new way to support our troops and get great deals on the brands, products and services that our members really want.  Members simply start their shopping on Motive Club’s website, shop at retail websites that they already know and direct an average of 5% of their shopping transaction to supporting our troops and veterans through Motive Club.


CHASSIS                                                                      SSRD Tube frame 4130 chromoly

WHEELBASE                                                            122 inches

REAR TRACK WIDTH                                        77 inches

REAR WHEEL TRAVEL                                                       24+ inches

REAR WHEEL DROOP                                        6 inches

REAR WHEEL BUMP                                          18 inches

OVERALL HEIGHT                                              72 inches

WEIGHT                                                                     4000 lbs. wet

FRONT SUSPENSION                                           Double A-arm, 2 Stage coil-over

SHOCK ABSORBERS                                            Bilstein 17 inch coil-over with bypass

TIRES                                                                            35 X 12.50R15

WHEELS                                                                      Aluminum

BRAKES                                                                       12 inch rotor, CNC Calipers

EXHAUST                                                                   Magnaflow

ENGINE                                                                        Toyota V8 factory crate

ESTIMATED HORSEPOWER                          440 hp @ 5,500 rpm

REV LIMITER                                                          MSD rev. limiter @ 6,000 rpm

FUEL CELL                                                                 Fuel Safe Systems, 40 gallon

TRANSMISSION                                                     Protruck Turbo 400 3-speed automatic

REAR AXLE                                                               Chrisman

SEATS                                                                           Mastercraft

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