FOX athlete Josh Frederick overcame adversity and tough track conditions in the Arizona desert to finish in second place of the fourth round of the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) and keep the series points lead, while his teammate Dillon Zimmerman rode to a solid top five finish.

Slick conditions were the order of the day due to abundant water on the course. The hard-packed sand left pools of water standing and made a slippery mess in many areas, but Frederick was in control as he charged off the start in third place.

Frederick kept a fast and steady pace going into the first couple of laps and was able to move into the No. 2 spot. Frederick held his position for several laps and took over the first spot when the leader pulled into the pits.

Frederick was soon under fire from the competition, and due to a recent illness, fatigue got the best of him, and he fell back. Despite feeling under the weather, Frederick held strong and finished in second place.

“We did a lot of testing for this track and our FOX suspension worked awesome. Im really excited with the positive outcome,” Frederick said.

FOX athlete Zimmerman also put in a strong effort and came out in the No. 4 spot off the starting line. Zimmerman rode a smart and consistent race and finished in fourth place for the day.

“My FOX suspension was perfectly dialed in, and it really helped to get me through some of the rough spots today and not get to beat up,” Zimmerman said.

Round five of the 2012 WORCS series will be held from May 11-13 at Racetown 395 MX Park in Adelanto, Calif.

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