SANTEE, Calif. — FOX, the industry-leading ride dynamics company, extended its SCORE Desert Series Baja Trophy Truck winning streak to nine with Rob MacCachren’s win at the MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250.MacCachren ran the same FOX External Cooling System equipped bypass suspension, also known as the Cactus Cooler, that helped him win on this course last September.

The San Felipe racecourse is well known for its relentless punishment of suspension systems. Its seemingly never-ending stretches of three- to four-foot deep whoops can raise shock temperatures to more than a searing 400 degrees.

While MacCachren’s Baja experience, talent and finesse have earned him championships and victories throughout his career, it’s the equipment that historically has held MacCachren back from pushing his truck harder.

MacCachren’s addition of the FOX Cactus Cooler to his suspension system has put those days of worrying about overheating shock oil in his rearview mirror.The external cooling process allowed him to stay on the gas at all times, even on the course’s roughest sections that usually slow drivers down to avoid overheating their suspension.

Averaging 56.29 mph and finishing the course in four hours, 25 minutes and three seconds, MacCachren’s win came four minutes and five seconds before his closest competitor.

“This course is just brutal on the truck’s suspension and the whoops never seem to end. We ran the Cactus Cooler here last September and won,” MacCachren said.  “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The key to victory is your properly tuned suspension system.”

Another notable victory came from third-generation racer and Class 1600 champion, Luke McMillin.  McMillin made his Class 1 racing debut while sharing driving duties with multi-time short course race winner Justin Smith, who together took home the Class 1 win and fourth overall finish.

“We just upgraded our Jimco Class 1 car to FOX’s 4.4 bypass shocks in the rear, and they spent a few weeks prior to the race testing and tuning with us,” said McMillin. “San Felipe is absolutely the roughest, most demanding course of the entire season and the car worked so well over the whoops — the handling improvement is truly incredible”

Nine consecutive Baja wins is no coincidence and with all of the top five overall finishers in this year’s race utilizing the benefits of FOX proprietary shock oil, the answer is clear.  Ride on Fox and win.

FOX- 9 SCORE Baja Race Wins in a Row
·       -Andy McMillin            2009 Baja 1000
·       -Jesse Jones              2010 San Felipe 250
·       -Andy McMillin            2010 Baja 500
·       -Tavo Vildosola           2010 Baja 1000
·       -Rob MacCachren      2011 San Felipe 250
·       -Bryce Menzies           2011 Baja 500
·       -Rob MacCachren      2011 SF Challenge of Champions
·       -Andy McMillin            2011 Baja 1000
·       -Rob MacCachren      2012 San Felipe 250

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