Anaheim Hills, CA – Casey Currie and his Monster Energy General Tire Nissan would make their final stop of the Lucas Oil Off-Road season this weekend at Arizona’s Firebird Speedway. Entering this final round 5th in Championship points, Casey set out to end this season with a bang. Casey drove with full head and heart in the game finishing Saturday’s race in 4th place, and landing a coveted 3rd place podium finish in Sunday’s Pro Lite/Buggy Cup.

Casey would face the challenge of starting toward the back of the pack due to some issues in qualifying, but nothing a driver of his skill couldn’t recover from, and recover he did. Casey tapped into that Monster Energy and advanced himself to 5th place by only turn three of the first lap, and by lap three Casey had torn through the pack to take 2nd place from Chris Brandt in turn four. It was an all-out battle for 2nd with Brandt for the better part of the first half, yet Casey stood his ground until the competition yellow tightened up the pack. Once the pack had regrouped, the pressure was on to maintain his ground. Positions one through four remained tight, and Casey was taking turns three-trucks wide fighting to keep that 2nd place position. Rounding turn four of the course, Casey was pushed out wide and over the berm, setting him back two positions to 4th place where he would fight to gain ground in the remaining laps. With little time left in the race, his competing drivers held their ground and Casey crossed the finish line in 4th—a respectable finish, earning him 5th place in Championship points for the Lucas Oil Off-Road series.

“Our finish today proved that the V8s can run up front,” said Casey of Saturday’s race. “We started in the back row and worked our way to 2nd, until I got a little help over a berm and two guys managed to get by; little changes for tomorrow and we will be good.”

Sunday’s Cup race combining the Pro Lite and Pro Buggy classes was an all-out, no-holds barred race, going for checkers or wreckers. With a solid three months before another race, and a $20,000 first place prize on the line, the drivers would bring out extra measures of aggression to let nothing get in the way of the win. Casey’s position varied throughout the race as he battled to gain positions, gaining and losing ground back and forth as the laps went on. Battling door-to-door with Rodrigo Ampudia throughout the race, Casey would ultimately pass Ampudia and take the 3rd place position with less than two laps remaining. Defending his 3rd place position, Casey’s hood flipped up and back over his windshield, leaving him with zero visibility. Yet Casey continued to charge the remainder of the lap to finish in 3rd place, later stating on the podium that he had only the wall to use as a guide.

“Sunday was awesome!! It was a battlefield,” exclaimed Casey. “I went to the back a couple times but to end up on the podium is awesome. The team deserves this and the truck is awesome. We had the hood blow up and land on my window so I ran the last lap blind.”

Wrapping up the season 5th in championship points for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series, Casey Currie is already strategizing his plan of attack for 2012.

“We have the momentum going now,” commented Casey on where they stand in Pro Lite. “The truck is working good and pieces are coming together. I’m excited for the future of V8 Pro Lites and I feel our team is on point for next year’s season.”

Next up, Casey Currie will be switching hats and driving in Ultra 4 Racing’s part rock, part desert race, King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA on February 10-11th of 2012. For more information on Casey Currie, visit, become a fan at Facebook/OfficialCaseyCurrie or follow Casey on Twitter at

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