The Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 brings out fans by the thousands. Americans and Mexicans set up shop at jumps and major road crossings, in the wash near the start of the race and everywhere in between. The locals love the race and the excitement and speed that comes with off-road racing, but sometimes fans take it too far.

We came across a video on Saturday that shows a fan going way too far. If nothing else, it’s an example of what not to do when watching an off-road race. This spectator positioned himself in a large rut hoping to get a cool shot of a buggy jumping over him. One buggy did jump the stupido spectator, and he survived to tell about it, but as the 1204 Class 12 car of Zak Langley comes by, the spectator has nowhere to go. Fortunately Langley avoided him and moved on, but it’s the perfect example of what not to do at an off-road racing. It’s amazing this guy didn’t get hit.

Check out the video below.

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Gerry November 21st, 2011 at 6:13 pm

THAT is NOT a FAN at all , that is someone (regardless of origin)
that is totally Stupid on any place at any time .

That is the kind of stupidity that keeps the off road community from getting the recognition it deserves. And makes it an uphill chore to
bring this sport to other places.

I love the sport, and I love Baja it is my Home and I for One am Totally against THIS kind of –caca de toro– from people that most probably are there more for the Drinking than the enjoyment of the race.

He is One lucky bastard. that THIS TIME AROUND had barely enough luck to talk about his
Stupid behavior the day after… instead of some COMPADRE trying to explain to his family . What happened.

Much respect to all the Off Road Family out there.

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