IMS Products is proud to announce its new Adventure Tank for the Yamaha WR250R/X. We call this an Adventure tank because it maximizes your capacity preparing you for those extended trips without the need to stop and fill up. This tank has a 2.75 gallon advantage over the stock fuel tank and it handles it well. We made this Adventure tank to replaces the stock radiator shrouds and keep the fuel down low for a lower center of gravity, improving the handling and stability of the bike. We also have installed a lift pump to allow the stock fuel pump to stay in the standard position while efficiently utilizing the entire capacity of the tank. It is available in Natural, Black, Blue and White.

IMS Products is also proud to have made available custom IMS graphic kits for the Yamaha WR250R/X. You can update the styling of your bike using these kits available for either OEM/IMS 3.0 Gallon applications as well as a customized kit for the IMS 4.75 Gallon tank. These kits are produced by HBD Motografx using a resin based printing for a superior color matching in both the Blue and White color schemes. Graphics are sold separately from the IMS fuel tanks.

Fits: 08-11 WR 250 R/X
Capacity: 4.75
Available in Natural, Black, Blue and White
Graphics Sold Separately
MSRP: $399.00
Part Number: 117332

Fits: 08-11 WR 250 R/X
MSRP $89.99
Available in Blue and White
Part Numbers:
# 8007332 — 4.75 Gallon
# 8007331 — 3.0 IMS/OEM

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