Designed to be the ultimate sweatband, our Head Liners’ advanced moisture transport system keeps you cool and dry, while our unique Filtration Technology keeps your gear clean. Engineered to maximize comfort and facilitate the evaporation of sweat, our high-tech, versatile design is extremely breathable, stops itching, and even prevents sunburn. Built to handle the toughest conditions, our dual-layer system enhances your body’s own thermoregulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Crownwear Head Liners are perfect for any activity. From extreme sports to dirty jobs, we’ve got you covered.

CrownWear Filtration Technology make for the best Helmet Liners, Skull Caps and Hat LinersCrownWear Head Liners are extremely flexible and can be worn above or covering your ears. Our Head Liners are easy to use, machine washable and dryer friendly. They’re proudly made in the USA with natural fibers, and we have sizes to fit everyone (no ‘one size fits all’ here).

CrownWear Head Liners are available through our Online Store and many Authorized CrownWear Retailers. For more information, visit

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