Corona, CA – In a recent press release, Husqvarna announces a price reduction on two units. 50-state street legal, 49.5 MPG fuel rating… and a manufacturer price cut of $2,000? You’re officially out of reasons not to run to a Husky dealer right now and snatch up a new 2011 Husky 630 dual-purpose motorcycle. Husqvarna North America recently approved a price slash of the SMS630 and TE630, now available for $5,999 and $6,499, respectively.

2011 SMS630 – $5,999
Inspired by the World Supermoto Championship-winning bike, the SMS630 takes Husqvarna racing technology to the streets. Carve canyons, hit the track, or simply spice up your daily commute with the race-inspired 600cc, 50-state legal 2011 SMS630.

2011 TE630 – $6,499
Take the knobbies to the pavement on the 50-state legal Husqvarna TE630! Our off-road racing spirit has been tuned for the tarmac in a true dual-purpose bike. Hit the trails on the capable 600cc enduro machine, aggressive and agile enough for the dirt, yet civilized enough for a comfortable street ride.

Husqvarna SMS630 and TE630 features:
* 50-state street legal
* 600cc DOHC single-cylinder four-stroke motor
* Electronic fuel injection
* Hydraulic clutch and brakes
* Electric start
* 49.5 MPG

“With gas prices on the move, and summer fun to be had, there is no better time for Husqvarna to offer a deal like this,” commented Husqvarna’s National Sales Manager Revelle Harrison. “Dealer orders have already jumped drastically, so get your order in on a TE or SMS630 while units are still available.”

For more information, visit the company’s website here.

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