TROY, Mich. – Dynotech Engineering Services has released a 14-page product catalog that outlines the features and benefits of its industry-leading driveshafts.

The new product catalog features a variety of parts offered by Dynotech, with a main focus on their custom steel, aluminum, composite, hybrid, multi-piece and marine driveshafts that feature the industry’s most sophisticated engineering and building process carried out by their team of highly skilled technicians.  Dynotech offers a vibration-free guarantee that has led to an unofficial reputation as the “industry referee” on balancing.

“With more than 80 years of balancing experience and customer interaction, Dynotech has the ability to design and create the highest quality driveshafts for a diverse array of applications, but to do so with competitive pricing and on-time delivery,” said Steve Raymond, general manager, Dynotech Engineering Services.  “For example, Dynotech can replace most OEM driveshafts at a lower cost than many local car dealers, and ship it in three days or less.”

Dynotech has built custom driveshafts for OEM support and replacement, as well as for racing, muscle car, hot rod, four-wheel drive and specialty applications.  All Dynotech driveshafts are hand assembled, computer welded and high-speed balanced to the highest standards in the industry.

To learn more about Dynotech driveshaft products and services or to get a copy of the Dynotech product catalog, visit

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