West Chester, OH: Performance Electronics, Ltd. has introduced a fully-programmable engine management system for the Yamaha YFZ450R quad that completely replaces the stock engine controller. This plug-and-play system, called The EDGE, gives the user complete tuning capability over all fuel injection and ignition parameters, as well as adjustable rev limits, fuel pump control, idle speed adjustment and data logging.

The EDGE greatly simplifies tuning for the user by including base tuning maps that were developed in conjunction with professional riders and GT Thunder (www.gtthunder.com). Installation is simple and only requires that the controller be mounted to the quad and plugged into the stock Yamaha wire harness. For more advanced users, tuning software can be downloaded for free to fine tune all aspects of The EDGE, as well as perform advanced functions like closed loop control and data logging.

The EDGE is completely waterproof and extremely rugged, with no external dials or switches for tuning. The EDGE is available now as a plug-and-play controller for the Yamaha YFZ450R with additional configurations for other quads, side-by-sides and motorcycles currently in development. The EDGE is proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

For more information please visit www.pe-ltd.com.

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