Porter, TX – The Dakar Rally is a grueling 6,000 mile race from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Arica, Chile. The race route crosses the Andes Mountains twice, and presents uncertain terrains that test the skills and stamina of the driver, navigator, crew and vehicle alike. This year America’s first female Driver of Record, Sue Mead, also became the first woman to achieve an automotive class victory by winning the Open Production Class driving a Ford Raptor filled with Royal Purple lubricants.

Royal Purple joined the team in early November as final preparations to the Raptor were being made to send the vehicle overseas for the race. Team Manager and co-driver Darren Skilton chose Royal Purple lubricants for the entire truck. Chief mechanic Troy Johnson said, “Racing is brutal on engines, and your motor oil is not the place to compromise quality.”

Royal Purple provided the following lubricants for the Ford Raptor:  full synthetic racing oil,  XPR 5w20; radiator coolant Purple Ice; power steering fluid Max EZ; front axle lubricant, 75w90 Max-Gear; rear axle lubricant, 75w140 Max-Gear; Ultra-Performance Grease and all purpose spray lubricant, Maxfilm. The use of Royal Purple synthetic lubricants in the Raptor’s 5.4-liter Triton V-8, 6-speed transmission and differentials, eliminated any concerns of thermal viscous breakdown during the extended and demanding conditions of the Dakar Rally.

“We chose Royal Purple lubricants because in a race like the Dakar, only the best will do,” said Mead. Royal Purple congratulates Mead, Skilton and the Ford Raptor team for an outstanding display of skill, endurance and performance.

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