After his first crack at it last year, Rock Zombie 4×4 club member Travis Carpenter of the 4405 “land-use” team will again race the King of the Hammers off-road race and generate funds for the Blue Ribbon Coalition and off-road land use in the process. The race, which will take place on February 11th, is promoted by HammerKing Productions ( and is considered one of the toughest off-road competitions in the United States, blending off-road desert racing and hard-core rock crawling. The 120-mile course is split into two laps, with many racers struggling to finish the race.

The 4405 “Land-use” team is asking people to make a “Pledge per mile made” by Travis Carpenter to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Individuals and companies are invited to make a pledge (see the link below). The amount of the final donations will depend on how far Travis is able to travel in the event. A flat rate may also be pledged. In 2010, the 4405 “land-use” team raised nearly $20,000 during the race-a-thon, which included major donations from the Tin Benders 4×4 club and 4Wheel Parts. As noted in the press release about the pledge event, “With the Blue Ribbon Coalition working nation wide to preserve access to motorized use on public lands, this race-a-thon comes at a key time when funds are sorely needed.”

The 4405 “land-use” buggy competes in off-road races and events such as the Best in the Desert and the Ultra4 series with the mission to raise awareness of land-use issues, promote responsible OHV recreation, trail stewardship and trail awareness.  The 4405 “Land-use” buggy was actually completely lost in a structure fire in 2010, but with the help of individuals and companies as sponsors, the vehicle is being rebuilt in order to race once again in the King of the Hammers. Major sponsors of the 4405 “land-use” team include: Fishmouth Fabworks, Artec, Pacific Fabrication, BF Goodrich, CRAWL Magazine, Hooker Harnesses, Raceline Wheels, Performace Steering Components, Reid racing, Ruffstuff Specialties,,, 4130 Clothing, Blue Torch Fabworks, The Rock Zombies4x4 club, Yukon Gear and Axle, PRP Seats, Bulldog Winch and Heavy Metal Concepts.

To make a pledge, visit the website here:

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Robert February 16th, 2011 at 5:03 pm

You mean land ABUSE !

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