Off-road racers Robby Bell and Justin Seeds have had their lives captured on video to show a day “In the Life” of dirt bike racers.

The second video of the series focuses on the training that racers do off of the bike, and how that can be the difference in beating the next guy on the course. Both Bell and Seeds hit the weights, do plenty of cardio and strength exercises to prepare their body ready for pushing the limits in a long race.

In video 3, the content focuses on being at the track. The team is at the Glen Helen WORCS race from 2010. Bell and Seeds talk about racing, the strategy behind, as well as explaining what happened on the track during the day. As usual, it’s great insight into the mind of a racer.

Musical PS – The beat at the start is video 2 is from MF Doom. The original track is from the first Viktor Vaughn album, “Saliva.”

Part 2

Part 3

In the Life – Chapter 3 from bike spray on Vimeo.

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