Gustavo Vildosola Jr. & Sr., Rodrigo AmpudiaIn the first half of the race, it was the father-and-son team of Gustavo Vildosola Jr. and Sr. that led the field for the overall four-wheel racing in the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The team, which also features Rodrigo Ampudia as the third driver, is trying to make history by being the first Mexican nationals to capture the overall title in the 1000 – something that has never been done in the 42-year history of the event.

The Vildosola team, driving an Ford F-150 Trophy Truck, was able to pass the first truck off the line in Roger Norman (who is iron-manning the race as the lone driver), though Norman has remained in second behind him up until race mile 450, where it seems the team might have run into trouble as the third-place truck of BJ Baldwin appears to have moved into second. However, not it appears Norman is moving and is in second place, with Baldwin in third. Behind them, though a ways off the pace, are the trucks of Mark Weyhrich and Robby Gordon, in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Gustavo Vildosola Jr. (middle) and Sr. talk to the media at the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 press conference. The father-and-son team has enlisted the driving duties of Rodrigo Ampudia as well. Photo: Art Eugenio

In the pro motorcycle class (Class 22), the Johnny Campbell’s JCR/Honda Racing team with riders Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody were leading followed by another Campbell squad led by Colton Udall. The main competition the JCR Honda teams was to come from the Dan Pearson-led KTM team that was only one minute off the lead pace of Norman in the first 200 miles. But a blown engine cut the race short for the KTM team, which was forced to quit this year’s race.

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