According to a recent post on Jalopnik, the Air Force’s latest recruiting tool is a Cadillac Escalade-bodied monster truck designed to look like an A10-C Thunderbolt Warthog. Yes, this thing is for real, and yes, it comes complete with a t-shirt-shooting Gatling gun that you can see in action in the image below.

The U.S. Air Force outreach project launched earlier this year and is taking a similar approach as the Army (which uses rock-crawling Hummers) by using a serious off-road vehicle to put on a show and help promote the Air Force. Apparently, shooting T-shirts out of the Cadillac monster truck isn’t the only promotional tool the Air Force will use, as they will also be giving out ringtones that sound like the actual 30-mm gun on the A10.

Source: Jalopnik

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