This just in from the “crazy off-road vehicles you never knew you wanted” department, we came across this eBay listing for a 1939 Cadillac LaSalle body with rear-suicide doors. Yep, this Caddi – which features a Dodge front engine, hood and grille – is listed for sale on eBay as we speak. The starting price is $3,500, though there is the option to make an offer. What is this beast worth to you?

Here’s the actual listing from eBay, with the link to the listing below. Someone will have one tough, vintage, unique, off-road power wagon. Pay no attention to the fact that it’s pink … Clint Eastwood drove a pink Cadillac, right?

Vehicle is a 1939 Cadillac LaSalle body w/rear suicide-doors. Has a 1947 Dodge truck front engine-hood & grille. Home-made center-piece connecting body & engine-hood. Fenders (alsofrom the 1947 Dodge) have been home-extended. Rear body-fenders have been modified to accommodate tires. All original seating has been removed and replaced as follows: front drivers-seat-Peterbuilt air-ride(leaks a little air but can be repaired); passenger seat- original frame(GMC 800) spring suspension(I have another Peterbuilt air-ride truck-seat that goes with “truck”, you install); rear-seat is out of a full-size Ford Bronco Rear-seat…holds 3 with lapbelts-but, don’t reccommend “rough-rides” with passengers in back seat. “Truck” has an original frame(doubled) stock original 427 cid. big-block truck motor with a 9-speed Eaton transmission(tranny can be swapped for a turbo-400 Chevy automatic built for it-owner just never got there). Has over 4-inch roll-bar behind front-seats w/”HOLD-ON TIGHT”(in other words) handles in rear for passengers and 3-inch or so reinforcements from there into trunck area. Trunk area also holds the radiator w/dual electric-fans and “piping” is routed along floorboards up to engine. Air-tank and fuel-tank have been relocated under rear-passenger area. Rear-bumpers are approx. 6 or more inches diameter. I have at least 2-more bumpers not installed that can be used for the front. Possibly 3-bumpers(one has a brush-guard) but, no front bumpers are installed. I believe it has a 5-ton Eaton 2-speed rear-end. The rear tires are 48-inch tall X 30-inch wide and the front tires are 48-inch tall X 25-inch wide. The floor-board is between 4-5 feet above ground. All 4 lights work: 2-off-road lights atop body and 2-original placed headlights that work on low-beam anyway. Vehicle has been in my possession since it was only a frame and GMC cab for at least 9-years. My wife and I have operated it fully and WILLINGLY for the last 5-6 years. I LOVE THIS TRUCK but have too many “big-boy” toys and need to “cool-down”(regretably believe ME). This “TOY” can give ANYONE the ride of your life and has kept on ticking for me and hope it will for you with minimal respect. I also have other parts for it that go with it just ask me …like another power-steering-pump(yes, if you repair this part, it is sensassional for steering with ONE-finger!!) This truck has been the “love of MY life(don’t tell my wife) and honestly WOULD not give it up otherwise…hope whoever buys it enjoys THOROUGHLY!!!!(P.S. whoever buys it, I would like one more ride–consider it a training lesson ..if you haven’ t been there before…I love it truelly). Anyway, it’s for sale. I will accept either payment in full(of course) or am willing to do a payment option mostly at your will but, do need $500 up front to hold it with a legitimate monthly payment-plan that we can agree on-signed. And I hold vehicle and frame title until it is paid for in full. Don’t “sweat” the small stuff this vehicle is A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!

NOTICE: Buyer needs to provide trailer for transport.

eBay Listing can be found here.


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