Ever see something rolling down the trail or on the street and thought to yourself, WTF? We couldn’t help but think that same thing as we came across some pictures of just absolutely bizarre off-road vehicles.

There’s something to be said for backyard mechanics, but these vehicles are on another level. They’re not exclusive to trucks and 4x4s only, as you can see. Some of these modifications are to vehicles never intended for off-road use, which is part of what makes them so entertaining – or at least fun to look at. If you have any crazy pictures worth sharing, send them in to editor@off-road.com.

We have a solid collection here, such as the Mini Hummer Conversion,  The Can-Collecting ATV,the Honda High-Step, the All-Terrain Wagon, and the White-Wonder Cluck. Enjoy.

Source: www.youdrivewhat.com

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Pauto.com July 9th, 2010 at 2:16 pm

HAHAHA! I see a LOT of that goofiness here in East Texas. I wonder, do these people have too much time or money on their hands to create these unique, uumm, pieces of work? All of the above?

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