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Nov. 01, 2011 By Rick Sosebee
Have an ATV or side-by-side tech question for the Answerman? Send an e-mail with your name, vehicle year, model and a detailed description of the problem to [email protected].

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Electric RZR?
Is it possible and/or practical to put the Polaris Ranger electric motor and batteries in a Polaris RZR? Please e mail me the answer
Thank you,
Roy Ball
Iím pretty certain that attempting to retrofit the Polaris EV motor and batteries to the Polaris RZR would be both a real pain in the neck and an engineering monster. The weight alone of the batteries from the EV would ultimately defeat the framework of the RZR. Then you have the cost of such an adventure, which could be catastrophic to the money involved. My mind tells me anything is possible, but logic also reveals itís not a wise decision.

Honda Fourtrac
I have a Honda four wheeler that i bought used, the atv is a Honda fourtrac 300cc. the problem is i don't know the year. or any way to buy parts, my question is there a place on the frame or any where on the Honda that has a number i can enter and find out what i have. Thanks
Dorina Bosworth

Locating the VIN on an older Honda is easy as long as it hasnít been tampered with. I would look on the front of the frame near the middle or bottom of the frame uprights. Some Honda ATVs also have the VIN electronically engraved on the frame front crossbar right behind the bumper. If youíre standing in front of the ATV look straight down between the bumper and the frame. Like I said, if it hasnít been tampered with it is there.

Yamaha On-command 4x4 Kodiak Ultramatic
I have the quad listed above and have cleaned the carbs twice it runs at idle fine but at quarter throttle it bogs out if i put my hand on top of the air cleaner lid it will run fine like its getting to much air or not enough gas? But if you take your hand off it back fires spits and sputters but idles fine i set the air fuel screw at factory specs 1-1/4 out and still wont run above quarter throttle whatís wrong?
William Gravely

The fact that it will run when the air is choked off could be a sign that the small jets in the carb are starving for fuel. The primary delivers fuel at idle and right off the bottom of the fuel load. This small primary jet has a super small hole, and when it gets varnish or clogged with old gas gunk it will give you this type of symptom. I would suggest you have the carburetor cleaned or possibly you clean it yourself. If you have mechanical skills this isnít a very hard thing to do. If you are not sure about this job then just replace the jets in the carb and try running the ATV again.

Polaris Magnum
I love my machine but i always took it to a dealer to get oil changed, but he moved, so could you tell me how to check oil and the best way to get plastic covers off. Thank you,

I would suggest you get a service manual. These ATV Bibles can be bought over the Internet everyday of the week, and with this manual you will be able to answer any question you have about your ATV. Now get to it!

2012 Polaris ATV Lineup
What is the speed of these 800 like the crew?
The estimated speed of the Ranger Crew would be around 50 mph, but loaded it could be much slower. These vehicles are not really made to speed down the roads but more to haul crew and tools around the worksite and farm.

Sportsman Question
I have a 2002 polaris sportsman 500, Why does my speedometer stop working when I turn on my lights?

It sounds like there is an electrical short in the wiring. I would pop open the factory service manual you have and remove some panels so you may see the wiring under the speedo. Look for dirt or debris that could have chafed the wiring. This could also be a short caused just by two wires rubbing together. This could be a really exhausting search, but unless you want to carry the quad to the local dealer you need to check for yourself. If you do not have a factory service manual you really should get one ASAP!

Scrambler Timing Key?
I have a Polaris scrambler 500 Iím working on, and when I pull the rope it jerks back out of my hand. Does this have timing key in the flywheel?

There seems to be a little missing information here, my friend. So I guess I need to know if the engine will spin over freely or with a little force? The fact that the pull-start jerked back out of your grip could just be your grip on the pull rope. These engines have incredible compression and with an unsuspecting puller you may have just been caught off guard. Too answer the question about your timing key, yes it does have one on the crankshaft.

Arctic Cat
Iíve got a 2005 arctic cat 650v twin that starts very good at idle but when i rev it up it starts too cut out.
Radny Trinkle

Fuel delivery is crucial to a great running engine, and when that gets stalled or interrupted you will notice a stuttering, stumbling ride. This is quite possibly another classic carburetor issue that needs to be cured by a good cleaning. Check the float bowl for trash and debris as well as possibly water in the gas. If no trash or water is found, you may need to completely clean the carb with a commercial grade chemical cleaner or dip.

Suzuki King Quad Problem
I have a 2005 Suzuki king quad 700 that is fuel injected.  My problem is that when you try and pull something in reverse it bogs down like crazy and just spins the tires what could it be thanks
Roberto Izzi

Reverse gear on an ATV is usually governed to a slow speed or rev limit to keep inexperienced drivers from romping around the home backwards. The reasoning is simple Ė itís just to protect the user. Try backing up to what you wish to pull out and dragging it forward. That should cure your problem. There is nothing wrong with your ATV.

Quest 650 XT Gas Leak
I have a gas line leak (both ends) on my 03 Quest 650 XT... I can see the
leaks but cant get at them to change the line. How do I get at it ???
John Hogan

My suggestion would be to first purchase a factory service manual. The next step would be to not try and start the Quest until this issue is resolved. The fuel can be ignited easily from several things, including a hot exhaust or shorted wiring. Most of the plastics on the quest can be removed with simple hand tools, and if youíre mechanically inclined this should not be a very difficult task at all. After you have removed the racks and plastics youíll be able to see the exact problem up close. Thatís where I would start. Now the fact that two fuel lines are leaking leads me to believe it might be a float bowl overflow leak and not the actual fuel line that is leaking. Look at this as a possibility first.

We need your questions to make the answers, so please send in anything that concerns you and we will do our best to get the information. Ride as often as possible, and hit us up if your ride has any trouble.


Have an ATV or side-by-side tech question for the Answerman? Send an e-mail with your name, vehicle year, model and a detailed description of the problem to [email protected].

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