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Nov. 30, 2008 By Ricky Sosebee

Subject: YAHMAHA 600 GRIZZLY 2001


The starter is located on the rear of the motor behind the cylinder. To remove this item you will need your handy dandy service manual from the local Yamaha dealer. It would take me days to describe the process.


From: Tyler V

Subject: I was reading the article about the yfz Resistor kit. I have the resistor. Just wondering where it plugs into the harness on the Quad? Thanks, Tyler

The resistor will go between the regulator/rectifier and the main harness. Don’t use your lights once this is in place. It is best to remove them.


From: manuelc
City: Chunchula
State: AL

Comment: I have an 2005 Honda FourTrax Recon (TRX250TM) it has 6" of ground clearance. How can I increase the ground clearance to around 10"?

There are countless companies with kits for increasing the ground clearance. Look into Gorilla Axle and highlifter for some sizes and prices. Be careful when lifting a quad though as this brings on many new troubles like high center of gravity and loss of real trail use on the atv. Choose wisely and be sure of what your installing on your atv.


From: JR
City: miami
State: FL

Comment: I need to make a snorkel for my 2007 90 Polaris Please help

Its kinda hard to describe how to build the snorkel for your atv but if you will contact the guys over at submarine snorkel they can help. Just type in Sub marine snorkel into your search engine and you’ll find them.


Rancho Enhances Performance in any Terrain with New Long-Travel Systems for Popular UTV Models
From: Raul Pruneda
City: Laredo
State: TX

Comment: What is the price for the rzr 2008 6" arm kit suspension with rancho 9000 shocks? Thanks RP

Im not sure which brand you prefer and I am thinking you are asking for information on a 6’ Widening kit. The widest I have found is 4 inch. This costs around $4000.00 on average. As far as the shocks go Adding Rancho XL RS9000’s to your RZR will set you back around $1100.00 for the front and rear.


ATV Electronics series: Part 1 - ignition systems
From: Terrt
City: Mt. Pleasant
State: SC

Comment: I cannot find the location of the spark plug on a 1999 Suzuki 500 Quadrunner. Is it under a cover / in an odd location?

The plug on the 99 Quadrunner 500 is on the left side of the engine right in front of and next to the thermostat housing on the head.


From: frank
City: Kelowna, BC
Country: CANADA

Comment: Hi, great article on the ignition system can't wait for the article on the charging system because I think that may be the solution to my problem. I have a 2003 Polaris 500 HO and my problem is that when I turn on my lights and the system has warmed up my lights, speedometer (all my displays) blink on and off in no particular rhythm. I have changed my voltage regulator but that has not solved my problem, could it be a fuse somewhere and if so how do I find it? Are they in those little sealed pouches under the head light just above the radiator? I am dieing to go riding and don't know if I can wait till nest month.

Sounds like a loose ground somewhere. Look into the grounding of your wiring and also make sure if you have a kill switch on the machine that it isn’t shorting somewhere along the way. Start there and also be sure the battery is fully charged as this could be another source for failures.


From: Darren,uk
City: shropshire

Comment: hi, all, i have a kids generic atv, make unknown. was running but has stopped. it tries to run while the starter button is pressed, but stops instantly as you release. there is no ignition, only the stop button. but there is a sealed connection box with four wires going into it, but iot has and ariel cable running from the box?..... if any body has a clue that would be great. thanks. a struggling dad. :) it’s the only thing that keeps my kids happy.

The first thing I would do is change the plug. These generic atv’s are filled with gremlins but the biggest is the ignition system. Good Luck


ATV Answer Man: They Love us Over-Seas
From: Mikecc419
City: Bessemer
State: AL

Comment: Can anyone tell me where the oil filter is located on a 1987 Honda 250 Fourtrax?

Is this a 250r or a base 250. There is a bit of difference. If it is the base 250 then the oil filter is behind secret panel number two on the right side of the motor. This panel will be centralized close to the top of the right side crankcase. Its going to be a bit bigger than a golf ball. There are three small screws holding the cover on and the filter is rather small. These screws should have 8mm heads on them and could be a bit tough to get out if its been a while since the last service. Use caution when removing and add a  little antiseize to the screw when you reinstall it to help at the next service. Also remember they are tightening into aluminum so dont drink to many monster energy drinks before putting them back. They will strip easily.

Another good tip is that the cover should have an O-Ring seal on it somewhere so be sure not to pinch it when removing or reinstalling. A bit of fresh oil on the seal during reinstallation should help the job go easier.

Good Luck and let me know how it comes out.


From: silverslipper
City: Paris
State: AR

Comment: I have a 1994 Yahama four wheeler and need to remove the ignition switch. How do I do that?

I have to have more information on the switch. Starting with why you feel the need to remove it. Its hard for us to instruct consumers with little to no description of the atv they are working on much less tell them how to defeat the only thing that makes the quad safe from thieves. Get back to me with the model ATV your working on and a VERY good reason for removing the switch! Not having a key isn’t gonna cut it!


From: dtemple01
City: chester
State: VA

Comment: i have a 07 trx 450r and everytime i pop a wheelie it pulls to the right how would i go about adjusting that?

It seems the kniffle pin is misaligned. You have to get the correct shepper nozzle and twist the kniffle pin till its level with the Jackson rod. That should do it.


Article Title: ATV Answer Man Hits the Keyboard
From: Aaron
City: Snow
State: OK

Comment: i have A 1993 suzuki 250 Quad runner, the other day while pining cattle a cow jumped over the front of it it bent my main steering sector and my right handlebar, but it still runs and drives better than my 2002 honda should i fix it or just leave it the same, how much will it cost, (or can i just streighten it with a torch, if i do i will have to take it off because it is about 3 inches from my gas tank) Also it has began to loose power wat can i do to help it.

Well my friend it seems if the damage is not hurting the steering to the point of being unsafe it could be left alone. The torch close to the fuel tank is a no,no so either replace the bent stem or live with it. Loosing power however may need to be addressed sooner. Make sure to service the engine regularly. Change the oil and clean the air filter first. Change the oil often to insure longevity and run good clean gas.


Article Title: Suzuki LT80 Light Kit Review
From: mark
City: scottsville
State: NY

Comment: 55watts are not to much for this atv it will not kill the batt I was told no more than 35watts is this not true can you give me your input. thank you

There is always the possibility of killing the battery with over drawing the stator. Weak or old batterys can be drained more quickly. But it is likely the manufacturer has erred on the edge of caution when quoting wattage limits and most kits have been researched well before being placed on the market.

Good luck


Article Title: ATV Answer Man: More Smoke and Tuning
From: Bob
City: Stillwater
State: MT

Comment: Not sure if you got my first post..but I have a 2005 A/C 650V2 that while riding I lost all power. All fuses, cdi, battery are good. I am unable to readily check the ignition switch is it is a sealed unit but does feel good when turning. The unit is low miles and has been taken care of. I'm really ticked that I am having such a problem. Any ideas on what I should try or look at?

Well it sounds like you are not having any luck. Without knowing just what transpired before the unit quit it is hard to come up with a plan to try and solve the trouble. I would say check the simple stuff first. Is the fuel in the on position? If so is it possible that the fuel is to low and you need to swap to reserve? Sounds simple but you would be surprised how many people have this overlooked. Next I would put a brand new plug in and be sure your getting fire. Not a cleaned up used one but a new spark plug. Be sure your getting fire,fuel and air and youll be running the woods before long.


From: kerry
City: Lebanon
State: MO

Comment: hello, i have a 01 banshee and it has been runnin weird so we cleaned the carb the left side if your sittn on the bike we cleaned it with carb cleaner and put it back together took it down the road and came back and it died blew air out the exhaust and know it wont start I took the plugs out i have spark so i put another set of used plugs and kicked it over and all it does is blows air out the the left side of the exhaust and wont start. PLEASE HELP... thanks Kerry

Sounds like your having big time issues. Does the engine feel like it has any compression at all? There are just a few details to getting a quad like the banshee running and it includes good compression, fuel, air and spark. You also have to think of everything in two’s. If the Quad has twin cylinders then service both and if it has two carb’s as the Banshee does then service both. Being a two stroke presents its own set of troubles so be thorough. Good luck.


From: eva60r
City: vanceburg

State: KY

Comment: hello, i have a 2001 polaris sportsman 500 ho last week while deer hunting i turned my 4 wheeler over on top of me when i turned it back on its wheels and tried to start it, it would not turn over the starter engauges but it wont turn the motor when i tried the recoil starter i cant turn it either is this a sign that the engine is locked up or can it be something simple.. thanx, Ori

It sounds like the cylinder might be full of fuel or oil or both. This is called hydraulic lock. Pull the plug and turn the motor over a few times to clear the cylinder and install a new plug. It should be fine. Let us know how it turns out


Article Title: Polaris RZR Dune-Tested
From: Wingdude
City: Olympia
State: WA

Comment: A word of caution for RZR owners & operators: Explore the limits of the RZR carefully, especially when going around or making sharp turns. A stock RZR will rollover very easily.

It is common knowledge that the SXS world can be dangerous but most comes from operator error and inexperience. If you push your SXS to the limit it’s likely to bite back. We always encourage our readers to use caution and not to exceed the limits of the equipment that they are riding.


Article Title: 2008 Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 ATV
From: Yo yo
City: Manor
State: NJ

Comment: I have a 09 t-cat broke the front left ball joint wiht only 1300kms they better make something a little stronger i love the power but i dont wana spend anymore time in the hospital and the rear ends i think thier gona have issues with that i already have a new one in

Thanks for the heads up on the problems. Remember that parts fail sometimes and inspecting your ride before each ride could prevent you from wrecking your health.


Article Title: ATV Answer Man is Back

From: Bill C.
City: Morganton
State: NC

Comment: I have a 1991 Polaris Trail Boss 250 that has developed a backfiring problem. When accelerating fairly hard, if you drop the throttle quickly, it will act like the motor has died for a second and then backfire violently. Even if you do not drop the throttle quickly, it will mildly backfire when decelerating. We tried to lean it out, which helped a little, but we can't get it to stop. Any suggestions?

Sounds to me like you may be having some timing issues. I would make sure the quad is properly timed and check the magneto while your in there for any signs of wear or corrosion.


From: Chuck
City: Lancaster
State: SC

Comment: I'm trying to find engine specifications for 1996 honda foreman 400 - any suggestions?

What kind of Specs are you needing exactly? Would these be torque specs and clearance spec’s? Those can be found in your Service manual that can be purchased at your local dealer. It has a lot of handy info in it about your ride. Give your dealer a call and they can get you one right away.


From: GlennO
City: salisbury

Comment: I have a 04 honda recon that I need carburator diagram for to be sure if I hooked the vaccum lines up properly. Sometimes the starter wont spin the engine over like the engine is vapor locked. I think this is carb problem. Thanks

Well it seems that the battery could be my first choice for inspect ion. The vaccum lines do not control the movement of the engine until it is in motion. Sounds like a weak battery to me. Start there and get back to us.


From: 2005 honda
City: loganville
State: GA

Comment: I have a 2005 honda recon es 250, the problem is that i have to hold the throttle open just a little to keep it running when i let off all the way it acts as though it is not getting any gas. It will not even attempt to start or run unless the throttle is open about a quarter of an inch.

Could it be that the idle circuit is set a bit to low? Try adjusting the idle screw on the right side of the carb in just a bit at a time to see if that helps.


From: john
City: fall river
State: MA

Comment: i have a 06 factory kawi ksf 400.all of the sudden i get bog down,it stayed running ,but when i gave it throttle,it dies,like as if it's not getting fuel idles low.i checked air filter started checking lines.not too familer w/ internals.what else can i check?

Without knowing how the trouble went down I would try and look at the obvious things. Make sure there is no water in the fuel. There is a drain on the float bowl of the carb that you can just screw out a bit and it will drain the bowl and any water in it. The next thing I would do is to make sure the air filter has no restrictions. If you ride in deep mud be sure that all the vent lines that run down under the atv are free from mud or obstructions as this can create problems by not letting the carb breathe. Let us know how you make out.


From: '96 honda fourtrax
City: fremont
State: NE

Comment: Where is the fuel filter on my '96 honda fourtrax?

The fuel filter on the Honda fourtrax is located in the tank. Its part of the fuel petcock and unless you install an auxillary there is not one to service. To clean this filter, just remove any fuel in the tank and then remove the fuel petcock. Be careful to not tear the filter on the end of the fuel petcock.


Article Title: Yamaha Grizzly
From: Burnel Preston
City: castle rock
State: WA

Comment: looking for a tow hitch that I can put a ball in.. about a $30 item.. yamaha 600 grizzly 2001 year can you supply me with one

It looks to me that the factory has supplied a place on the rear suspension for your tow ball to fit into. I would suggest going to a walmart near you and looking for a thin shaft ball hitch that will slip into the hole provided on the quad. It’s a $10.00 item!


Article Title: CVT Clutch Tuning Basics - Part 3: Making the Adjustments
From: Ken Remple
City: Yuma
State: AZ

Comment: I am seaching for a technical training book or manual on the all fundamentals and function of CVT in UTV's (Polaris RZR specifically). A UTV's mechanics textbook for rebuilding tuning etc. Thanks for any recommendation you can provide. Regards Ken

That’s a tall order. Im not aware of any specific book made just for the CVT system. Visit our forums though and ask around as many of our readers have good experience with adjusting these things. You might even call companys like EPI as they are experts with the CVT trannys in both ATV’s and Sled’s.

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