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Mar. 25, 2014 By Rick Sosebee
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Not Just One Problem
I have a Ď95 Polaris Magnum 425 4x4 and it has two problems. First, when I turn on the key it makes a clicking noise and the bike has no battery power at all. The second is that 4WD only works in reverse when the override button is pressed, and it does not work in low or high just in reverse.

I am pretty sure that this is the trickiest trick question of the year. There is no battery power when the switch is turned on, so maybe put the big lead acid battery on charge for a few hours and try it again. If the problem persists then you may have some issues with chaffing wires or fuse issues. Look the entire wiring over before giving in. The 4WD issue is most likely located in the gearbox and it could be ugly in there. Have you drained the oil of the gear case to be sure itís not full of small particulates or cheap aluminum?

Chattering Start
When starting my Ď06 450 Kodiac, when cold, is the chattering that it does for a minute or so normal?

No chattering is normal for any engine. Chattering, as you describe it, could be valves rattling with no oil to lubricate them. It could also be loose engine components, and if I were you I wouldnít ride the beast until this mystery is solved by your local dealer or a trusted mechanic that can disassemble and reassemble the ride. It definitely needs to be checked out.                              

Clicking Noises
I have a 220 timberline outdoor cobra. It is making a clicking noise in the side case so how can I fix it? What is wrong with it?

It is hard for me to diagnose a clicking noise, as it could be a banging noise to anotherís ears. I have never heard of the described ride, and I bet there is no local dealer to take it to for service. If this machine is a belt-driven CVT-style transmission ATV then it could be a belt coming apart and knocking for you to open the door and let it out.

Fuel Pump Trouble
I have a 1987 Honda 350 Fourtrax 4x4. The problem I am having is I replaced the fuel pump with a universal fuel pump, but the fuel pump will not shut off and itís loading the carb up and running it out of the overflow hose on the bottom of the carb instead of pressurizing the fuel system and shutting off. My question is how do I get the fuel pump to shut off automatically when the system is pressurized with fuel so it doesn't flow too much into the carb? For the universal pump to work properly, do I have to have a fuel pressure regulator in front of the fuel pump so it shuts off and on automatically to keep the fuel system pressurized instead of overloading the carb and running out the overflow hose on the bottom of the carb?
Amber Hill     

This machine has a fuel metering assembly up front under the front plastics. This could very well be the problem. If the metering device is faulty it may allow the fuel to keep running and cause the issue. Check that one out and get back to us.

No Power
On my 660 Grizzly automatic, when I try to cut the front differential to get out of a hole it has no power and spits and sputter what should fix???

Ok, this one makes no sense. When I cut the differential? What does that procedure look like? Lack of power to drive the wheels of an ATV can be directly attributed to the engine most of the time and typically not the drivetrain. Now, letís say you are backing up and not using a reverse overdrive on the Grizzly. This, my friend, will create the stuttering effect and lack of power. Check that out and let us know if this is the problem.

Loose Steering
I replaced the front tie rod bearings and the steering on my Scrambler still feels really loose. How can I make it steady and not really wobbley?

Depending on the year of your Polaris Scrambler you will likely need to replace much more than the tie rod ends. The strut system on the front of this machine has non-greasable ball joints on the bottom of them and these will wear out over time. There is also a polymer bushing on the bottom of some Scrambler steering stems that will wear as well. The steering is made up of many parts, and donít forget to check the plastic bushings in the A-arms, as they too can add to the loosey goosey feeling in the bars.

Suzuki Arctic Cat?
Why does my Arctic Cat motor say Suzuki on it?

Arctic Cat has used technology from other manufacturers many times, and most manufacturers will share technology to help develop machines a little faster for market. It doesnít mean itís a bad thing; it just means it has at least been tested very well by one of the two parties.

Clicking Rhino
Why does my Rhino 660 click loudly when I try to put it in four-wheel drive? It acts like it wants to engage but it makes awful noise and never fully engages.

The front differential on the Rhino is electronically controlled. The servo on the front differential has a very small motor in it and can strip out. If the front differential has ever been taken apart or replaced it could also be out of time. The gears have to be in time with the slide fork to get all the way in gear. A factory service manual has the timing procedure in it, so I would look into picking one up or take the machine to a certified dealer.

Have an ATV or side-by-side tech question for the AnswerMan? Send an e-mail with your name, vehicle year, model and a detailed description of the problem to
[email protected], Attn: ATV AnswerMan.

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