Frequently Asked Honda Pilot Questions

Oct. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

1. Why doesn't Honda make Pilots anymore?

Honda would have the real answer for this question,but since you asked I will attempt my best guess:The price.In 1989 & 1990 there were plenty of high performance Quads available for thousands less than the $5995.00 retail price of the Pilot. Honda had a difficult time selling the Pilots and had new Pilots still in their warehouses until 1993. I believe if Honda made a new Pilot the price would be above $10,000. These were highly engineered cars and most of the hardware only fits the Pilot.

2. What is the price range on used Pilots?

Prices are highest in areas that have a lot of riding areas(West & East Coast). I have seen Pilots for sale in the Midwest for $1000 to $2000 less than the prices on either coast. Prices range from $4500 to $7000 for original equipped Pilots depending on condition, on the West coast.

3. What is considered a "good "condition Pilot?

I consider the general appearance of the Pilot when making this decision. No rust, no bent frame or roll cage, original tires and wheels, the surfaces of the clutch and rear pulley should be smooth ,no grooves(the clutch runs around $350.00 and the pulley is around $450.00). The plastic should be in good condition(all the plastic for the Pilot runs over a $1000.00). I prefer Pilots that are not modified-that way I can do the work myself and don't have to wonder if the previous owner knew what he was doing. If any of the above are not in this condition the price should reflect the repair cost.

4. Do you have any Pilots for sale?

I will post any Pilots for sale at the top of my page at AOL,click HERE to check

5. What are the differences between the 1989 and 1990 Pilot?

The 90's had larger diameter upper front A-arms, a different flag base,muffler and guard. None of this affects the performance of either year.

6. What are the differences between the 1985 FL350 and the Pilot?

1989 & 1990 PILOT F400R


400cc water cooled

A-arm independent suspension

LENGTH: 96.4 inches

WIDTH: 50.50 inches

HEIGHT: 57.2 inches


WHEELBASE: 62.2 inches

FUEL CAPACITY: 4.2 Gallons

WEIGHT: 605 pounds

350cc air cooled

Trailing arm suspension

LENGTH: 85 inches

WIDTH: 58.1 inches

HEIGHT: 56.5 inches


WHEELBASE: 60.6 inches

FUEL CAPACITY: 3.8 Gallons?

WEIGHT: 602 pounds

(Thanks to for the great pic)

In short, the Pilot does everything the FL350 does, just better. The water cooled engine allows you to ride for 2 hours without stopping. With an air cooled engine you have to let it cool at least every 45 minutes. The independent suspension on the Pilot provides for a very well handling machine and the ride is much smoother. I have found the Pilot to be much more reliable than the FL350. Honda really over engineered the Pilot. I have owned my first Pilot since 1992 and have rolled it at least 30 separate times with damage only to the tie rods,A-arms and roll cage(all easily repaired or replaced). No frame,engine or transmission damage has occurred from this. The Odyssey's trailing arm suspension would never stand up to the abuse I have put my Pilot through.?Don't get me wrong ,the FL350 is a very capable machine that sells for thousands less than the Pilot and is still a lot of fun for the $. Newsletter
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