10 Must-Do ATV & UTV Maintenance Tips

Sep. 19, 2013 By Rick Sosebee

10 ATV & UTV Maintenance Tips

4. Check Your Radiator Cap
So you think it just plugs the hole in the top of the radiator? Not so fast, my friend. This little device also controls the coolant within. Controlling the coolant as it reaches its high pressure, the cap also allows negative pressure to pull coolant into the radiator should it need more fluid. Make sure it still keeps a proper seal and replace it if there are signs of wear or cracking.

5. Replace Your Spark Plug 
Changing the spark plug in your ATV will bring back fresh power that can be lost as the plug begins to wear over time. Spark plugs are subject to many things including bad gas (as if we get that from refineries, right?) or an improperly jetted machine. At only about $10, swap out this part twice a year to ensure the machine is functioning correctly, and it will keep the machine you love running at top performance.

6. Electrical Wiring
If you are a home mechanic and love to tinker, take time to look over the wiring of your ATV as often as the opportunity arrives. Catching scraped or chafing wires before they have a chance to ground out precious and expensive components will save you heartache down the road.

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