10 Must-Do ATV & UTV Maintenance Tips

Sep. 19, 2013 By Rick Sosebee
Off-roading is fun and having the finances to afford a great ride is the icing on the cake, but if you do not take care of that ride it will become even more expensive to fix right before your dreams of riding are deflated by catastrophe. I have assembled a few tips to keep the ride you love in great shape. If you just make a list of these items to check and follow it like your alarm clock you will be riding more and spending less in the long run.

1. Check Your Oil
This seems to be a very simple thing to do but for most in the heat of the moment and the thrill of getting the machine loaded or just out of the garage to ride can be overlooked. Oil breaks down and keeping the right amount of lubricant in your engine is sometimes NOT as easy as keeping the holes plugged. Oil can be burnt off through weak piston rings and seep out of unsuspected compromised gaskets. Make checking your oil every ride, or at least every few rides, part of your regular routine.

2. Change the Oil
Believe it or not you still have to change the oil in your ATV from time to time. I know most say it does not matter, but oil is the life-blood of the motor so keep it fresh and you will be riding a healthy machine. Just like your car, regular oil changes will keep your engine running strong.

3.Check the Coolant
Coolant in most engines performs several different functions. Most think it simply transfers heat to a radiator for cooling. This is only part of the equation though, as it also lubricates seals and prevents rusting inside the engine. Most coolant can be ran for years unless the system becomes compromised with debris from within, or in some cases when the head gasket begins to leak and allows engine oil in.

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