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May. 12, 2008 By Stephen Clark
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This year was a long winter, with many days spent out on the snow generating editorial for the snowmobile site, so it felt really good to switch gears and get back off-road and on the sand. And what a great way it was to kick off the season with a trip to Little Sahara sand dunes in Idaho with the guys from ZBroz racing with their 2008 RZR mod.

Little Sahara is a great place for side-by-sides, as it has a wide range of terrain and the dunes are a little smaller than our usual riding spot in Saint Anthony. We found the smaller dunes are actually more fun because the RZR doesn’t have the power to climb up some of the larger bowls like you can on a quad or motorcycle. There is also an endless supply of sand trails at Little Sahara that wind through trees and sage brush.

front suspension rzr utv techSuspension

Over the winter, the guys at ZBroz Racing have built this RZR into a sport-oriented UTV. We covered the suspension portion of this build in earlier articles but let's recap briefly on what has been done.

The suspension has been completely redone with a long travel system comprised of +4” ARS-FX a-arms that increase the travel from the stock 8” up to 12”. For the longer a-arms to work the axles and tie-rods also need to be extended this was accomplished with a replacement longer tie-rod and 4340 hardened axle shafts front and rear.

The brake lines on the rear were re-routed but the front required new lines. Shocks were upgraded to EXIT 50mm dual rate remote reservoir units. These shocks offer a broad range of adjustment so the driver can dial in the suspension for different types of terrain. Compression dampening is easily adjusted with a knob on the reservoir and spring characteristics can also be changed with preload and different size crossovers. The crossovers are floating collars that sit inside the springs and control when each spring is used in the travel it does this by bottoming out the crossover forcing the remaining travel to be absorbed with the different rate spring. It’s a simple and effective method of giving the user a greater scope for tuning.

rzr itp wheel offroad tire review
utv rollcage review rzr
26” Terracross ITP tires mounted on 14” ITP external beadlock rims The new rollcage on this RZR is complete with light bar and spare tire mount. The new cage extends over the bed of the RZR and has a built in rear bumper.


rzr polaris utv lights  
Five Hella 500 lights provide plenty of light for night driving.
Watch the Video!


rzr polaris beard seats(Right) If you want to go fast in a Side X Side, upgrading the seats and safety belts is mandatory. These Beard suspension seats offer much better support and are more comfortable on rough terrain. Crow 4 point harnesses keep the driver and passenger secured firmly in the seat.

The RZR now handles the terrain much better than before with the upgraded suspension. The roll cage and seating modifications make it safer for driving at the speeds that the better suspension make possible, so what the RZR really needs now is more power. Hopefully this summer either a supercharger or turbo system will be installed. We will keep you posted.

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