Suzuki's new LTA50 Quadmaster

A new standard for ""50cc kid's quads"".

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Suzuki's new LTA50 Quadmaster
A new standard for "50cc kid's quads".

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Sure, there are a gaggle of new kid's machines made by companies from Italy, Korea and even Communist China. Having lived with one of the bargain basement "el cheapo" models I can say that some are decent and most are not. You get what you pay for. You can certainly pay more for a limited edition performance quad but, that's not what the mainstream populace will buy for their kids. It has been 17 years since Suzuki produced the LT50 "50cc, kid's quad". Amazingly many of those old bikes are still hauling kids around after having been passed down through and among families. The primitive little bikes are strong, reliable and easy to maintain and operate. We just happen to own a 1985 LT50 that is still going strong after being in the hands of countless kids with aspirations on being the next big Desert Racer... And this durability is where the new standard lies.
The Old and the New.
As an unhappy owner of a discount, Quad it was a welcome opportunity to grab one of Suzuki's first LTA50's to hit our area. Instead of the constant repair work and poor handling of on the old bike, the LTA50 insures all the reliability and ease of maintenance of the old LT50. Add all the new updates: suspension, larger dimensions, stronger frame and better brakes and it's easy to envision this little bike well used in the hands of all our kids before we pass it down to the next family with little ones. Best of all, every vehicle that becomes a new benchmark in our sport soon becomes the focus of the aftermarket industry and the LTA50 should breath a plethora of bolt-ons that make it a safer yet faster, more rugged and better handling quad.
Reed says "it gets better air".
HANDLING Have you ever tried to get handling analysis out of a 6 or 8 year old? Answers like "it gets better air" don't do the little bike justice so, I'll do my best to represent my observations, you be the judge. Observing the same kids, 4, 6 and 8 years old ride the bike on smooth track (track #1) with a good sized jump and also on a rocky little quad track (track #2) the following is apparent:
"Naked 50" or "50 Naked"?
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MAINTENANCE Any machine from the Japanese "Big Four" includes quality and the best possible design to ease maintenance. The LTA50 is no exception. For busy adults this is very important. Working on a broken quad is the least desirable way to spend precious time with the family at the favorite riding spot. The LTA50 requires minimal periodic maintenance to keep it running for a decade or more. The stout little 50cc mill is 100% proven in this sector as it is the same motor that has powered the LT50 from the mid 1980's on. There are many stories of LT50's with thousands of ride hours with nothing but the most sporatic maintenance, even after running the bike on makeshift lube oil or no lube oil at all. As a simple rule, keep the diminutive air cleaner clean, the bolts tight, lube oil full, tire air pressure correct, the chain oiled from time to time and the bike won't wear out before your kids grow out of it's size.
Full suspension, front brakes and a stronger, larger chassis make the new LTA50 an all new "first kid's quad" design for Suzuki.
  • Built with your child's safety in mind.
  • QuadMaster 50 has great new features similar to LT80, but for smaller/entry-level riders.
  • QuadMaster 50 is a Y6 category ATV (for adult-supervised riders age 6 and above), and has child-sized rider controls.
  • Compact 49cc, 2 stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with automatic oil injection.
  • Single-speed transmission and automatic clutch allow the rider to focus on riding instead of shifting.
  • Built-in throttle limiter system limits engine power output, plus recoil interlock and keyed ignition switch system prevent starting without ignition key.
  • Ignition-cutoff tether line allows an adult supervisor to stop engine operation immediately by pulling the tether line.
  • Modern styling with full floorboards and a big Quad look, plus bright yellow paint and graphics.
  • Strong, high-rigidity steel frame.
  • Single A-arm front suspension with twin shock absorbers and single-shock rear suspension provide 51mm of wheel travel for a comfortable ride.
  • Large 80mm front drum brakes and single 110mm rear drum brake provide strong braking performance.
  • One-piece, 7-inch wheels with tubeless tires.
  • Easy-to-remove seat with convenient latch mechanism.
The "ignition kill tether" is the best safety item for your kid's first ride since the invention of the crash helmet.
Overall length 1260 mm (49.6 in)
Overall width 760 mm (29.9 in)
Overall height 745 mm (29.3 in)
Wheelbase 825 mm (32.5 in)
Front track 575 mm (22.6 in)
Rear track 575 mm (22.6 in)
Ground clearance 120 mm (4.7 in)
Seat height 535 mm (21.1 in)
Dry mass 71 kg (156 lbs)
Type Two-stroke, air-cooled
Number of cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke 41.0 x 37.8 mm (1.61 x 1.49 in)
Displacement 49 CM3 (3.0 cu. in)
Corrected Compression ratio 5.6: 1
Carburetor MIKUNI VIV112SC, single
Air cleaner Polyurethane foam element
Transmission 2.416 (29/12)
Primary reduction 2.650 (53/20)
Final reduction ratio (Chain) 3.700 (37/10)
Driven chain D.I.D. 420 or RK 420, 78 links
Front brake Drum brake
Rear brake Drum brake
Front tire size AT1 6 x 8-7 Tubless
Rear tire size AT1 6 x 8-7 Tubeless
Ignition type Electronic ignition (CDI)
Spark plug NGK BPR-4H
Fuel tank 2.6 L (0.7 US gal)
Engine oil tank 0.5 L (0.5 US qt)
Transmission oil 500 ml (16.9 US oz) Newsletter
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