Project WorkHorse Can-Am Outlander: Moose Cargo Bags

Review - Moose Utility Cargo Accessories for ATVs

Feb. 21, 2007 By Ricky Sosebee

Can-Am Outlander 650 H.O. Max XT

Part One

Shortly after getting word that we would have one of the leading manufacturer's elite ATV’s as a long-term project we began to gather our plan. The Can-Am Outlander 650 Max by Bombardier Recreational Products, has the power and room for everything and we felt this would be the ultimate working machine.

The first thing we wanted to get for the Outlander was a little more cargo space. The peep’s over at Moose Utility Division have been building accessories with the worker and hunter in mind for years, and knew that this would be our answer for the product we had in mind.

We chose the Zipperless Deluxe Cargo Bag as our first project add-on and here’s why. The Moose Deluxe Cargo bag is constructed from a 600D polyester fabric that can withstand all that any forest or trail could dish out. It is water repellent and has no zippers to catch mud or debris. Not having zippers also insures that there will be no frustrating moments on the trail with broken parts.

The main compartment has a space size of 34.5 x 10 x 10. There are also two large removable pockets on the forward side of the enclosure, which are 9 x 5.5 x10.5. 

Another cool feature of the Moose Zipperless Deluxe Cargo bag is that it has Rhino Tek sewn in around and over the heavy wear areas. This keeps premature wear to a minimum and just adds to the “Tough Factor”. There is also a long cross-woven bungee cord along the top of the bag to hold any other items such as a rain jacket or a collapsible camp chair. We chose the black because with the camo being so realistic on our Can-Am Outlander I wanted to be able to find it in the deep woods.
   The installation of the Cargo Bag went effortlessly and took a total of maybe twenty minutes. We had to remove the second seat on our Outty so getting to the latches on the bag and the rear rack was much easier.

The clips have adjustments on one side and once the strap is around the rack closest to it, the tab can be pulled a little tighter to secure the bag. There are two on the forward side, one on each end and two on the rear side. Be sure to position the bag carefully and do not tighten the straps too much until you have looked at the bag from all sides.

The two forward accessory compartments had two Velcro straps on each side and they simply had to be woven into the D-rings on the main compartment.

The project has quickly taken on a cool new look, and with the help of Moose Utility Division we had more than enough room to haul all of our trail goodies. There will be another Moose Utility Division product added later in the build so check back with us soon.
   Keep an eye on’s project “Workhorse” as we test this new bag along with all the new and exciting products available for the Outlander.

With the seat off the rack bag from Moose Utility division goes on very quickly and its ready for all our stuff. Even the large size of our Max Edition Outlander 650 passenger seat fits just right in between the side bags.

To get this and other great Moose Utility Products visit them at and tell them sent ya!

Now let's go see just how much this beauty will hold!!
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