Long ATV Ramps Review

Lifted Truck ATV Loading Ramps Tested

Dec. 18, 2009 By Jaime Hernández

Long ATV Ramps
Long ATV Ramps ready to be used with Yamaha Raptor 700R Special Edition

Just in time for riding season, here comes a new piece of equipment that will make that daunting task of loading and unloading your ATV or UTV on your lifted truck a cinch—Long ATV Ramps.

We had the opportunity to test a set of 11ft. Long ATV Ramps and were really impressed on how well constructed and how functional they really are. Long ATV Ramps are precision built and made in the USA. These unique ramps come in 8, 9.5 and 11 ft lengths. They are specifically designed for lifted trucks.

Long ATV Ramps
Grade 8 hardware is used at the ramp hinge. The stout aluminum construction gives these Long ATV Ramps a rating of 1,600lbs per set—well suited for any ATV or UTV

Based out of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania Long ATV Ramps has done a nice good job engineering some of the best looking ATV ramps on the market. They are made of 6061 Grade Aluminum with ¾” square tube rungs and ¼” thick, 3”x2” angle (for the sides). The ramp design also incorporates hinges that allow the long ramps to fold up for easy storage.

Long ATV RampsCurrently the way to get these ramps is to buy them online at http://www.longatvramps.com/. They are factory direct—no middle men, so the savings are passed to the consumer. We ordered a set and got them within days. They where shipped via UPS and arrived well packaged.

The 11ft Long ATV Ramps we tested weigh 35lb each. Its seems a little heavy, but if you consider all the extra safety features like two full length 3” side walls and a front kick stop—it’s well worth it. The extra long length allows for a much more gradual slope to climb with your ATV. This alone is a big advantage over conventional skinny ramps.


We tested our Long ATV Ramps over a few weeks in different terrains: dirt, mud, rock and sand. They worked well in all of them—even when running sand paddles. We tested them on semi-stock trucks and really big trucks too. The added ramp length really made a difference when loading and unloading our Yamaha Raptor 700R. Loading and unloading is now easy.

Long ATV Ramps
Even with my semi-stock Chevy Z71 the 11ft ramps were great. The incline angle was not as steep as our conventional short ramps. I definitely prefer the Long ATV Ramps for safely loading and unloading an ATV.

These aren’t your ordinary ramps, but then again off-roaders aren’t ordinary people—especially those driving big lifted trucks. Up until now, the only options to load an ATV in a lifted truck was to gather up the local villagers and muscle your machine up 4-5 feet in the air to get it into your truck bed. The other was to use short conventional ramps and pray to the dirt gods that your ATV didn’t flip backwards on the way up or down. Not Fun.

Long ATV Ramps
To properly secure your ramps when loading and unloading an ATV, using a tie-down or ratchet strap to anchor ramps to the truck is recommended. This will help prevent the ramps from falling during loading/unloading.

The recommend application is as follows:

  • 8’ ramps for stock, full size trucks
  • 9.5’ ramps for trucks with up to a 6” lift
  • 11’ ramps for trucks with over a 6” lift

Remember, don’t just take your suspension into account, you also need to take into consideration the extra height the wheels/tires will add. Our big lifted test truck was a Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel truck with an 8” ProComp Suspension kit and 37-inch tires. The back of the truck sits up almost 48 inches. That’s a pretty long way to fall with an ATV.

The beauty of these ramps is that they are strong and have a 3” lip on the edges that will ensure you and your quad make it all the way into the truck bed or trailer. I know it’s happened to me with conventional ramps…your riding up and next thing you know your wheels are off the ramp—WHOA NEELY


Long ATV Ramps

We were so impressed with our test and the product that we decided to contact the folks at Long ATV Ramps. We spoke with Nate Yocum about their ATV ramps and this is what he said:

Why aluminum and not another metal?
Aluminum is lightweight yet strong and doesn’t rust like normal steel.  Other ramps use powder coated steel but such ramps, at the lengths we use, are very heavy.

Are these really made in the USA?
All LongATVRamps are made in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania from start to finish.  The quality of our ramps are second to none and we use only high quality parts and labor practices.

Why do your ramps have tall side rails?
LongATVRamps are unique in their design and provide 3” side walls for safety while loading.  Our ramps are designed to be used on tall, lifted trucks or other tall loading platforms.  This means the driver and unit will be higher in the air than normal ramps.  The side walls of our ramps add significant protection from inadvertently driving off the side of the ramps.  Other ramps have no such side wall and so coming off them is possible.  We engineered our ramps to prohibit that from happening.

Why are Long ATV Ramps safer than conventional short ramps?
Long ATV Ramps are much safer than conventional short ramps for three main reasons

1. LENGTH:  The length of the ramp provides a significantly lower incline while loading.  This means less chance of roll over and a slower speed to ascend the ramps.
2. SIDE WALL:  Our ramps have 3” side walls that keep your ATV or UTV in the tracks.
3. FRONT KICK STOP:  Conventional ramps can kick forward when you approach them resulting in misalignment and possible rollover.  Our ramps cannot kick forward.

Anything else you would like to share about Long ATV Ramps or your company?
LongATVRamps are the safest way to load your ATV or UTV into tall or lifted trucks.  With pricing at or below some shorter ramps, the product offers a better solution for a lower price and we think that’s a very compelling offer to customers. 


Long ATV Ramps
Long ATV Ramps being used on Ford F250 SuperDuty with ProComp 8-inch lift and 37-inch tires

Overall we were really pleased with the Long ATV Ramps. We were really surprised how safe we felt riding our ATV up and down the ramps. The sturdy construction and added safety features of sides really helps keep your wheels on track. The last thing you want is to drop your ATV over the side while being 4-5ft over the ground.

Although the ramps might seem heavy and a little cumbersome when compared to little conventional ramps, the added safety and peace of mind is well worth it. I would never ride my ATV down a set of conventional ramps ever again.

It also saves your back, no more having to dead lift your ATV into the back of your lifted truck. Back surgery is no fun. Save your energy for the ride.

We highly recommend Long ATV Ramps to any smart ATV or UTV rider. Prices start at $249 DELIVERED to anywhere in the Continental US.


Long ATV Ramps

Long ATV Ramps

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