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Jan. 01, 2003 By Dean Waters

In our continuous quest to make Project Raptor a true desert racing machine and prep it for the Las Vegas 200, we had to do something with a couple problem areas. We had damaged the right foot peg at one of the Whiplash races. Also, the stock brake lever had sustained minor damage since it hangs down under the peg. On the left side, the shift linkage was getting very sloppy mostly due to the complicated linkage type design that Yamaha put on the Raptor. We decided to take care of all three of these problems at one time.

We chose the IMS Pro Series pegs with kick-up. The pegs are made with 17-4 cast stainless chromoly steel, heat treated, and then annealed for even more tensile strength and yield. The peg is then powder-coated and polished for protection from the elements. These pegs come in two versions for the Raptor - standard and race. The race version locates the pegs one inch lower and one inch further back than the stock pegs. Use of the race pegs requires use of the Roll Design Shift and Brake levers. If you opt for the standard position pegs, then it is possible to use your stock brake lever and shifter linkage. The Roll Design shifter is designed to work with both standard pegs and the race pegs. The shifter eliminates the OEM heim joint linkage, saves weight, and is made from 17-4 stainless steel. The Roll Design Brake lever is available for the race pegs or for standard pegs. The race version relocates the brake lever over the pegs where it is safe from damage, rather than underneath like the OEM one.

Stock peg after an encounter with a tree at the Snowflake 100.
Stock brake pedal has sustained damage with it exposed down below the foot peg.

Installation - The installation is very straight forward. On the right side you will need to remove the stock pegs and heel plates. You will also need to remove the rear master cylinder guard if you have one. You will not be able to reuse this afterwards. With peg and heel plate out of the way then you can remove the stock brake pedal and install the new Roll Design brake lever. The lever mounts the same as the stock peg but extends straight out and over the race pegs instead of below the pegs. Now mount the new peg using the factory bolts then use the supplied bracket to support the fender and mount the master cylinder. That side is done.

Rear master cylinder guard will have to go as new brackets do not accommodate it.
IMS Pro Series pegs include brackets to support your fenders where the heel plates used to be.

On the left side you need to remove the stock shifter and then the stock peg / heel plate assembly. Mount your new Pro series peg using the stock bolts. Now install and position the shifter to your liking. Lastly you will need to mount the fender support bracket with the stock bolts.

Left side peg and shifter after the Las Vegas 200
Right side peg and brake lever

Summary - We have just finished our first race, the Las Vegas 200, with the new pegs, shifter, and brake lever. They work VERY WELL. All three riders of Team ORC were very impressed with the kickup pegs. The IMS Pro Series pegs provide great grip for boots and the kickup really provides a nice spot for you to lean your weight against when taking corners at speed. The shifter is much more positive now that all that sloppy linkage is gone. I did miss a couple shifts but I believe that was due to the different position of the lever from what I had become accustomed to. If you plan to race your Raptor then this should definitely be on your list of improvements.

IMS Race Series Pegs - $239.95

Roll Design Shifter - $79.95

Roll Design Brake Lever - $129.95


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