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Mar. 01, 2005 By Dean Waters

Yeah, it has been a while since we have updated this project. It has been a little cold around hear. Yea, lousy excuse.... So let's get on with it.

ALBA is a prominent force in ATV Desert Racing so it should be no surprise that we turned to them for some of the finishing touches on our Z-450. Prior to our new Z450 motor going in we went online with Alba Action Sports and got us a new set of trick Radiator scoops. We wanted to make sure we were getting plenty of air to our new Tudor's 450 motor. While we were there we picked up a few more trick items. Alba's chrome brake lever, Alba's chrome shifter, and an Alba racing blue decal set.

New Alba shifter vs the old stock shifter.

None of these were hard installs so we won't go into too much detail on the installations. Besides the fact that we were installing everything the night before a race...

The Alba shift lever is a chromed steel version with a billet roller rather than the rubber one on the stock unit. The roller is even replaceable. The steel has been cross drilled to keep the weight down then everything was chromed. This is a very heavy duty unit and looks MUCH better at the same time. The best part is that it is half the price of the billet aluminum shifters.

On the opposite side of the bike we opted for a matching chrome brake lever. It is also made of steel, cross drilled, and then chromed. It is a simple install as the shifter was but makes a big difference in how the bike looks.

New Alba Carbon Fiber Radiator Shields.

The Alba Carbon Fiber Radiator shields were up next. These will set you back a little more than the levers but how much is that new motor worth to you? We wanted to make sure plenty of air was directed that way. You can order these in either black or silver. We got the black carbon fiber ones. The stock shields unsnap and slide out. The Alba shields take a little more effort to install since they bolt into place.

We had our radiator out so we slipped them in at the same time we installed our radiator. We did find a small clearance problem with our coolant overflow guard. A couple minutes with a file and we had it so that both the radiator shield and the aftermarket coolant guard would fit. If you don't have a coolant guard you won't have to worry about any fitment issues.

Alba Racing Decal set laid out and ready for installation.

We really like the look of the carbon fiber radiator shields and we found that they make a great place to display extra sponsor decals.

Last but not least was installing the new Alba Racing decal set. This is the most time consuming but makes the biggest difference in the appearance of the quad. Before starting layout all the pieces and make sure you know where they go on the quad.

For the seat cover we stripped out stock seat then dropped off the seat and the new cover at the local upholstery shop. It only cost us $15 to get it stretched and stapled. We have tried to do ourselves with some success but found it easier to let a professional do it.

Alba makes some great after market products and our Z-450 is looking very sharp with these new additions.

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Suggestions, comments, products you would like to see tested and installed on Project Quadsport Z-450? Please let us know via Email.

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Suggestions, comments, products you would like to see tested and installed on Project Quadsport Z-450? Please let us know via Email.

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