Feature Vehicle: T-Rex DL601 90cc Mini ATV

Nov. 01, 2002 By Mr Dune

   Looking for a mini-ATV for your 12 year old to ride with more than 50cc's? Trying to find the perfect Christmas present to make your kid's eyes sparkle like a set of HID lights?

   Well look no further! Transnational Outdoor Power has just released it's new line of high performance ATV's, the T-Rex! Built in Taiwan by Dinli, the T-Rex is packed full of innovative "firsts" to this segment of the ATV market. Features like hydraulic disc brakes, interlocking body, daytime running lamps, and an interactive Safety Training Program with its dealers demonstrate a commitment to safety that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack!

   Last month the folks from T-Rex had an open house out at the Las Vegas Speedway, with offers of bikes to thrash and free pizza to stuff our faces with... How could we not take them up on their generosity? It's only a 15 minute drive to the Speedway from the secret offices of ORC, so Fidel, myself and our insatiable appetites for free grub hopped in the truck and headed out towards Apex...  

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A close up shot taken from the underside shoes the adjustable rear shock. The controls are well laid out and easy to use, even for youngsters with smaller hands.

Well thought out and designed, on the DL601 everything is easy to get at and work on for a young or novice would-be mechanic.

A first on an ATV of this size, the rear hydraulic disc brake makes short duty of stopping chores. If you have a young speed racer that is under 16, there isn't much on the market to look at in ATVs. The DL601-90 is the only 90cc scoot approved for 12 year olds.

   What are the results of the test?

   We were a little short on 12 year olds to test the T-Rex, and seeing that Fidel, while well into his 20's seems to mentally resemble a 200+ pound 12 year old, he was elected to take the T-Rex for some hot laps around the motocross track...

   "This little booty-scooter offers some serious bang for the buck!" says Fidel, "I was amazed at not just how well the T-Rex throttles through the corners, but also at how well it launched of the jumps and flew through the stratosphere with my fat posterior glued to the seat!"

   In fact I couldn't get Fidel to come in off the track, until the pizza came! He was out spinning laps for over an hour, and only lost interest in blasting around on the 'Rex when he saw the dust cloud from the approaching Domino's delivery truck!

   All in all the T-Rex passed with flying colors, it's electric start and automatic centrifugal clutch makes it a snap to ride even for a young and/or inexperienced rider. Acceleration is brisk, and with its  hydraulic disc brake, the T-Rex will stop on a dime. While we didn't test the quad at night, its twin battery powered xenon headlamps should light up the night.

   The only thing we managed to damage on the quad were one of the rubber foot pads got ripped off the floorboards and the metal supports got a little tweaked after some 100 plus big jumps with a 200 pound rider. Since the machine was not designed for this kind of abuse (read big fat guys, taking big air) we can't fault this little scoot too much!

   Another thing we liked were the numerous safety features incorporated in the design. Including an adjustable throttle stop/governor, which allows a parent to limit a youngsters velocity. Molded interlocking plastic footboards to keep little feet from being sucked under the tires. And a training tether kill switch, which allows a parent or guardian to walk behind a new rider during those first few hours of operation, and be able to "kill" the engine if he or she tries to go too fast.

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The adjustable throttle stop makes it easy to tailor the T-Rex's speed to its rider's abilities. Interlocking molded foot boards prevent little feet from getting caught under the rear wheels. The tether kill switch makes the training a new dare devil easy. If the rider tries to take off, a tug on the T-Rex's leash will stall it!

   After getting a chance to ride and look the T-Rex over we were impressed. Fit, finish and quality were all top notch. And frankly the little 90 hauled butt. We didn't have the opportunity to try the 50cc model. Although the only differences besides the engine displacement and horsepower are smaller wheels/tires, giving it a lower seat height and available for younger/smaller riders. When you consider the extremely low cost of this quad, combined with an aggressive  manufacturer backed financing package the T-Rex is probably the most affordable and easy to buy mini ATV on the market.

   We give the T-Rex an enthusiastic "Thumbs Up!"

Specifications DL601-50 DL601-90
Engine Displacement Cylinder Cooling Type Lubrication Fuel Capacity Transmission Drive Train Starting 49cc 1 Air-cooled 2-Stroke Oil injection 1.3 gal/ 5.2 L Belt Drive CVT Chain Electric/Kick 89cc 1 Air-cooled 2-Stroke Oil injection 1.3 gal/ 5.2 L Belt Drive CVT Chain Electric/Kick
Suspension Front Suspension Rear Suspension Travel Brakes A-arm Rock arm 2 in./ 5cm Hydraulic Rear
Disc Brake
A-arm Rock arm 2 in./ 5cm Hydraulic Rear
Disc Brake
Dimensions Wheelbase Length/Width/Height Tires Weight (Dry) 44" 56" x 34" x 36" 16x8-7 / 16x8-7 225 lbs. / 102 kg 44" 56" x 35" x 37" 19x7-8 / 18x7-8 238 lbs. / 108 kg
Colors Red or Blue Yellow or Purple

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Transnational Outdoor Power LLC
P.O. Box 1798
410 S. Arkansas Suite #102
Russellville AR 72801
fax 501-880-9998

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