Testing the Motoworks SR4 Race System ATV Exhaust

Project Suzuki LTR-450 Quadracer

Feb. 06, 2007 By ORC STAFF

Motoworks LTR450

The Suzuki LT-R450 has proven itself well in the MX world, but we have been using our long-term LT-R extensively for off-road riding and racing. After installing a set of larger Kenda Tires and Douglas Wheels, the next step was to increase the performance. We turned to Motoworks for one of their SR4 4 Stroke racing systems and their ECU bypass to go along with it. Follow along as we install and let you know how it worked out.


This is our new Motoworks SR4 system just waiting to be installed on our LTR.

Get that stock system outta there first. The Motoworks can is significantly lighter than the stock can displayed on top.

New Motoworks head pipe installed on our Suzuki.

After a test fit with the can, we determined that we needed to enlarge the mounting bracket hole about 1/8" to get it to bolt up to the Suzuki frame.


With our new SR4 system mounted, we were ready for some seat-of-the-pants testing.


We have been testing the Motoworks-equipped LT-R450 for several months now and have been extremely impressed with this system. This SR4 system makes power through the complete power band making it perfect for off-road riding. The Motoworks pipe helps make more power all the way from the bottom through the top with the Motoworks system installed.

The only issue we have is that the system is a little on the loud side. We have not put a sound meter behind it but we believe it will be in the 101 db range. Motoworks engineers say their internal testing shows it around 100 db and by the time you read this, they will have a silent tip available that will bring it down to a race-acceptable 98 db. They expect you will lose around 1.5HP with this tip.


We give the Motoworks SR4 system a big thumbs up. Not only does the Motoworks system work well on our Suzuki, but we were impressed to see them stepping up to support the ATV racing community with their involvement with the WORCS ATV National series in 2007.

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