ITP QuadCross ATV Racing in Adelanto

Adelanto, CA

Apr. 11, 2005 By Brittany Bloodworth

The 2005 ITP QuadCross kicked off at Race Town, in Adelanto this past weekend, after the first round at Glen Helen was cancelled because of the rain. (The first round WILL NOT be rescheduled.) This was the first time that this series visited this track of highway 395, but it won’t be the last time. There is one more race scheduled for Race Town , as well as one scheduled at Speed World in Arizona. The rest of the ten race series will be held at Glen Helen, switching back and fourth between the national track and the back track.

The day ran very smoothly after a few difficulties situating sign-ups. Racing didn’t get started until about eleven and didn‘t end until about four.

The pros were the first race, and they started off the day great. With 16 Pros competing, a couple of new faces such as Robert McClure, and some old faces like the 2X ITP QuadCross champion Jeremy Schell riding for ALBA Action Sports. Because of the gate at Race Town only physically fitting about 12 on the line, two heats were run.

The first heat was great, with # 14 Jeremy Schell grabbing the holeshot on his Yamaha YFZ. Danny Ragon # 5 took a tumble off the start, but he was ok and got back onto the track. Dustin Nelson # 94 was running in the second position, with Rafael Guzman running in the third position. Larry Hayes # 75, who has been racing for a few years, was running mid-pack, which was very good because this is his first year running in the pro class. Jeremy Schell and Dustin Nelson put some real estate between themselves and the rest of the pack. Tony Munio made the pass around Rafael to take the third place position. The top 6 riders from each race would start on the gate while the other two from each heat would have to start on the second row.

The second heat went flawless from beginning to end for # 52 Dana Creech. Dana grabbed the holeshot leading his heat with some of the top riders. Ricky Nickel # 96 on his 450 Honda, was running in the second position. Robert McClure was running in second. Robert will be concentrating on the QuadCross this year with high hopes to win it. Dana Creech has also announced plans to run the entire series.

Dana put on a good show in his first moto by taking the win and we were all excited to watch the second moto battle between him and Jeremy Schell, we knew it was going to be good. Ricky Nickel took the second position and Robert McClure took the third place.

The Main event was getting ready to start and everybody was on their toes. Dana Creech grabbed the holeshot followed by Jeremy Schell. Robert McClure was running in the third position. Larry Hayes was running in the 6th position.

The real Cinderella story here was Dustin Nelson after having a bad start, Dustin was working back up the pack, when him a few other riders got hung up - unfortunately Nelson got the worst end of the deal. Nelson worked his way back up to the 5th position by the end of the race with an awesome effort. Dustin Nelson was also the only one who was consistently down-siding the 130 foot step-up, when most of the riders were just landing on top.

Jeremy Schell was closing the gap on Creech, but couldn’t close it enough. Creech took the win for the main and the overall for the day. Putting him in first place and the series gets kicked off with this as the first round. Jeremy Schell started off the season well taking second place for the first round putting him in second of the series. Robert McClure took home the third place for the day.

If the pro race continues to keep going like it was today this year will be great. It is going to be a huge battle between the top riders to see who can come up with the title of the 2005 ITP QuadCross Champion. A few of the racers to watch this season would be Dana Creech, Jeremy Schell, Dustin Nelson, and Robert McClure # 29. Ricky Nickel is also another up and coming pro and will definately be running in the top of this class.

The Amateur races went well and there are defiantly some riders that need to be mentioned. One of the many riders would be Logan Holliday # 40 who won the 4-Stroke Intermediate Class with a 1-1 finish and a huge lead on the rest of the class. Logan also finished in the Adelanto Grand Prix fourth overall and first place in the Expert Class.

Christy McGuffin # 902, is another person to talk about. Christy on her pink Blaster took second place in the 91-250 2-stroke class, and first place in the women’s beginner class showing that this isn’t just a guys sport. Dennis Capogni won the 4-stroke novice class with a 1-1 finish, he also won the 4-stroke class at the ATVA Glen Helen National and the ATVA Texas National in Lake Whitney.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who sponsors the event. If it wasn’t for you we would not have this series around for very long. Some of the Sponsors for this series include ITP, ALBA Action Sport, Hinson, Stream Line, AC Racing, Big Gun Exhaust, Roll Design, Golden West Cycle, Scott, and Pro Armor. There are many more sponsors than this and many people who work behind the scenes to make this series happen. We want to give a big "thanks!" to them for all of their support. We look forward to seeing everybody at the third round of the ITP series at Glen Helen April 3rd on the back track. Good Job to everyone who raced and good luck to everyone in the series.

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