Creamer Dominates at Spring Creek ATV MX

Jun. 14, 2010 By Press Release
Creamer takes the holeshot. (Photo by Michael Roth)

Josh Creamer took the overall win aboard his Rockstar Makita Suzuki during round six of the AMA Pro ATV MX championship at Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, Minn.

Creamer was able to lead start to finish in both motos, dominating the field at one of the roughest tracks these riders have seen. With Creamer's win, he now is 15 points ahead of his teammate and two-time defending Champion, Dustin Wimmer for the 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship.

"This weekend went really well for me" says Creamer. "I was able to put the Rockstar Makita Suzuki back on top again, and further my points lead. What can I say? That's a great weekend."

Wimmer had the distinction of being the fastest qualifier, edging out teammate Creamer by just tenths of a second to take the first gate pick. Despite having the second gate pick, Creamer grabbed the holeshot in moto 1. With Creamer out to an early lead, the real action was taking place in the rear of the pack. Can-Am/Motoworks Chad Wienen started the first moto with a mid pack holeshot, and immediately began to pass through the field. Throughout the race, he passed a rider every few laps, finally making it to the second spot just before the white flag began waving. Dustin Wimmer on the other hand was biding his time in the fifth spot for the majority of the first moto, but made up two positions in just the last 4 laps of the race, passing John Natalie just shy of the white flag for the third spot.

Creamer leads the way in Moto 2. (Photo by Michael Roth)

Moto 2 started with Creamer again taking the holeshot. As Creamer leaped out to the early lead, Wienen was in the rear of the field battling for track position. By the end of the first straight away, he had already passed a number of riders, and by the end of the first lap, was already into the fifth position. On the sixith lap, Wienen passed his teammate John Natalie, and both moved into the second and third spot respectively. Wimmer finished behind the Can-Am teammates in the forth position.

"Things are starting to come together" says Wienen, who has struggled all season long. "I had a lot of fun here. The track was really rough, but it made us really creative with our lines."

Wienen earned the second spot overall, marking his first time on the podium in the 2010 season.

"The track was really rough this weekend" says Natalie. "I haven't been training like I should have to be able to hold on. The bike worked awesome, the only work I have to do before Muddy Creek is on myself."

Wienen finished right behind Creamer in both motos. (Photo by Michael Roth)

In the Pro-Am Production class, Joel Hetrick continued his success with wins in both motos. In the first moto, Joel earned the $100 Idol Speed holeshot award, and was able to run away from the rest of the pack. Aaron Meyer earned the second moto $100 Idol Speed holeshot award. Chase Snapp was able to leave the weekend with the second overall, and Travis Moore again took the third spot.

The series travels next to Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, Tenn. for Round 7 of 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship on June 19-20.

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AMA Pro ATV Results

    * 1. Josh Creamer (Suz) 1-1 (4 Wins)
    * 2. Chad Wienen (Can) 2-2
    * 3. John Natalie Jr (Can) 4-3
    * 4. Dustin Wimmer (Suz) 3-4 (1 Win)
    * 5. Josh Upperman (Hon) 5-5 (1 Win)
    * 6. Patrick Brown (Hon) 7-7
    * 7. Jermie Warnia (Can) 6-11
    * 8. Greg Gee (Hon) 12-6
    * 9. Cody Grant (Suz) 10-10
    * 10. Jeremy Lawson (Suz) 13-8

AMA ATV Motocross Championship Pro Point Standings

1. Josh Creamer (269); 2. Dustin Wimmer (254); 3. John Natalie Jr (209) 4. Josh Upperman (193); 5. Chad Wienen (192); 6. Thomas Brown (175); 7. Patrick Brown (136); 8. Jeremy Lawson (133); 9. Nick A. Denoble (126); 10. Jeremie Warnia (123). Newsletter
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