2002 Whiplash Wickenberg ATV Race

Wickenberg, AZ

Nov. 01, 2002 By Pattie Waters

Whiplash continued the 2002 ATV/Bike Desert Challenge racing series with a bang - and a bump, and a bounce, and more than a few cholla. For the spectator, it's a great event. The race literally comes right through camp, you pit out your back door or off your tailgate, without having to unload or hike-it in. The scenery is everything you expect from the true desert southwest - cactus of every size and shape, towering over the landscape and critters scampering to avoid the harsh sun. Every rock has a sharp bush shadowing it, every bush covered in thorns. What a great place for a desert race!

Traditionally the roughest course of the entire season, this year's Wickenburg race certainly held true to it's reputation. DNF's abounded, bodies that did finish were battered - 49 ATV's started, only 15 completed a full 4 laps, while barely half completed 3 laps. ORC's own Dean Waters started out well on the GYT-R Yamaha Raptor, steadily passing several quads in ATV 4-Stroke (class ATV3), but lost the clutch on the first lap and had to call it quits. Not far behind was youth rider, son Justin, on a well-modified Honda 400EX. Justin rode steady and sure, and beat the old man, taking 7th place in the class and moving ahead of dad in the overall points standings as well.

Fastest quad of the day was #6, Chad Prull, riding in Quad Pro class ATV0. Chad completed 4 laps in 1:55:54, almost 10 minutes ahead of Josh Simpson, #12. Another fun class to watch is always the First-Timers - David Jobski won the day, beating Jason Saunders by less than 2 minutes overall, but the other 7competitors by a much safer margin.

If you want to know how your favorite rider (or you!) did, check out the results page. Also be sure not to miss the photo galleries.

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