Wheels and Tires for Project Kicker Honda TRX450R

Another all important item we needed to address was traction

Oct. 01, 2006 By Brandon Brown, Quad75
Another all important item we needed to address was traction. The suspension components have a lot to do with this. However ultimately the tires do the final transfer of power to the ground. My personal choice for an all around great tire combo is Maxxis Razr II up front and Razrs in the rear. This tire combo can realistically tackle virtually any type of condition. Fortunately Maxxis has a great line of tires to select from for a variety of conditions but if I were to have a choice of only one tire combo for the whole year this would be it.

As for wheels to wrap those meets around. I opted for the carbon fiber selection from Hiper Technology. The reason being is that they have a double bead lock in the rear and you don’t have any added weight as a result of it. So they are in fact lighter if you are comparing apples to apples. The double bead lock is also much nicer when breaking down and changing out tires. For you don’t have to have any special tools for breaking the bead. They also have a slight flex to them so they give a bit and bounce back in certain impact situations.

So all in all I think it has been a fairly successful project so far. Next thing to come will be the body work and the rest of the parts that can catch the eye. In addition to that, an up-date on how this quad is holding up after a severe beating.

Please check out the links below to the sites of the contributors of this project.


HRP http://holzracingproducts.com/atv/index.php
Fox Racing Shox http://www.foxracingshox.com/
Maxxis Tires http://www.maxxis.com/
Hiper Technology http://www.hiper-technology.com/
Spider Grips http://spidergrips.com/
Temecula Motorsports http://www.temeculamotorsports.com/
LRD http://www.lrdperformance.com/
Wiseco http://www.wiseco.com/default.aspx
Crower Power http://www.crowerpower.com/
UNI http://www.unifilter.com/
PWR http://pwr-performance.com/
SCR Graphics http://www.scrmotorsports.com/index.html

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