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Jun. 01, 2005 By Justin Waters

There aren't too many similar things that desert racers, motocross riders, and recreational riders all want. Desert riders want all of their parts to last. Motocross riders' parts need to be effective but also very light. Recreational riders want parts that are functional, but look good at the same time.

Cycra has a handguard for each application and all riders in between. Handguards are important for desert riders to stop their hands from getting pelted with rocks. Motocross riders need to keep all that mud from getting roosted straight onto their hand making it slick and losing grip. For recreational riders, they need one that looks good, and will stop the occasional playful roost from a buddy.

One of the main reasons Cycra is my handguard of choice is because their stuff will work for any of that. The new ATV Probend Sport Pack allows you to change your handguard for whatever type of riding you are doing. The pack comes with the larger Enduro size guard, and you can also purchase the smaller low-profile enduro shields. Each are attached with just a couple screws, making it easy to switch from one to the other while at the track or your favorite riding area.

Handguards aren't hard to install, but you do have to have the right equipment to do it. If you are installing your guards onto larger aftermarket bars, you will need to buy a few extra pieces to fit them. The clamps that you get won't be large enough to go around the bar. Plus the ends that insert into the end of the bars won't be large enough either. They won't tighten up enough to hold.

When you have all your parts and are ready to go, the first step is to put on the clamp and link. You may have to move a few things farther up or down the bar to make room for the clamp. The link is an L-shaped piece that allows for more adjustment of the handguard. These are made to fit both sport and utility and ATV's so they had to allow for extra adjustment needed. Now attach the U-shaped knuckle to the other end of the link and bolt it in place. Make sure to leave all of this loose, so that you can adjust it later.

Now you can insert the ends into the bars. You will most likely need to cut out the end of you grip for the insert to go in. If you have a twist throttle, the end of the throttle must also be cut out. When that is in loosely, attach the other end of the alloy bar to the knuckle and secure it into place.

You can now start tightening everything together. Make sure before you do that everything is positioned where you want it. The instructions say to not install the hand shields until later, but I suggest doing it before tightening everything up. That will let you see exactly what the shield will be protecting.

When you are lining the alloy bar and everything else up, check to make sure two things in particular are correct - Make sure when you pull in and let out you brake and clutch levers don't hit anywhere, and make sure that no cables are pinched or stretched too far when the bars are turned all the way one direction. If you have a twist throttle, you also want to make sure that the bar isn't tightened too close to the end of your throttle. If you put it right up tight to it, your throttle either won't turn or will stick some on the way back.

First tighten the clamp, then the bar end, and finally the linkage. If you haven't already, now put on your handshields. Depending on whether your are putting on the Enduro or Low-Profile Enduro either two or three screw will hold it on. After your first ride or two, make sure nothing has came loose. You don't want the guard falling down during a race or ride.

If these don't quite fit your style, Cycra has just designed the all the M4 Quad Handshields. They have a totally new look, and a new mounting design. Watch for a review on these new handguards on Project “Wide Open” soon.

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